1. According to my view, the cause of corruption in the New York City police department from the “Serpico movie” was fear of recrimination. Many officers involved in the acts of fraud because the systemsupports it. Al Pacino in the movie made a lot of enemies during the day of testifying; this means that the system was full of criminal activity supporters. There is a scene in the movie where we see him being shot in the face during an investigation and when the other police patrols came and found him, they say that if they knew it was Al Sapico, they wouldn’t happen to his rescue. The police in the movie werereluctant to come and save him because they thought they would be recriminalized for helping him. The spirit of Serpico arose when he saw his fellow cops being bribed by the criminals, they would be given money to meals by drug dealers, thugs, gamblers and criminals. In this case, corruption arose because there was no one to report criminal activities. The cops feared that if they reported the circumstances, they would be going against the corruptsystem of the New York City Police departments.
  2. According to me, Frank Serpico handled the situation correctly; he openly communicated about corruption. Most of the times, corruption in the police department took place because some of the officers were aware of it, but they couldn’t report to the relevant authorities. The cops were informed about the situation they feared communicating about it; this suppressed their faith and corruptioncontinued to grow on the table. But after getting into the police department, Serpico promoted open communication that enabled the judicial system to know about the fraud taking place in the police department. He also maintained a regular and systematic check over the activities being carried out by the fellow police officers. Majority of the police tend to become less worried about the events taking place in the department. However, this was not the case withSerpico; he was so much concerned with the corruption taking place in the department because he felt that this should not be happening. He also testified against the corruptofficers in the department.

If I were Serpico, I would also handle the situation in a similar manner, corruption is evil in society, and it denies people justice and inhibits developments. Any form of crime detected in the workplace should be dealt with effectively. There should be no fear or favor when handlingcorruption cases. Serpico, therefore, done the correct thing by responding to the top the corruption cases in the department. If I were him, I would also deal with the situation without fear or favor.

The good thing about his response is that he helped in ending of corruption taking place in the police department. A lot of cops in the system were corrupt, but through his intervention, corruption came to an end. His response also helped in exposing the unscrupulous individuals in the police system. The other good thing about his response is that drug dealings, cartels, gambling, and bribery was put to an end. On the other hand, there are bad things associated with his response; he was risking his life by responding to corruption in the department. Since the system was supporting crime, his chances of being killed were too high. There was even a time when he was shot in his face but, luckily, he survived.



Kilgannon, Corey. “Serpico on Serpico.” The New York Times (2010).

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