Service Companies and Ethical Considerations

Service Companies and Ethical Considerations

Topic 1: Discussion on Services Companies

For this discussion, the consumer service company that is used is Agree Realty Corporation. The company is a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), and it primarily focusses on developing and acquiring net lease retail properties in the United States (Agree Realty Corporation, n.d.). Regarding the dimensions of service, tangibles entail the physical appearance of facilities, equipment, staff and communication materials (Hoffman & Bateson, 2010). Agree Realty Corporation should ensure they guarantee satisfaction to their customers. They should provide a good working environment for its employees, and this will result in the provision of quality services. Second, the company should adopt a formal dress code for all employees because their appearances represent the institution. When officials visit customers to talk about real estate businesses, their dress code should appeal to the clients, and this will motivate them to invest in the business. Third, the company should use advanced technology when marketing the company and carrying out transactions with the clients. The use of high-tech technology will boost the loyalty of the customers. It is because the company provides them with faster services.

For the case of business-to-business companies, I chose Cisco Systems, Inc. The company provides advisory, training and support that are related technology to other businesses. Besides, the corporate audiences get an education on sales tools and SEO visibility. The company can make its services more tangible by keeping up with the latest technology and explain it to the customers so that they can understand. Second, the company can frequently communicate with the customers by providing thank you notes, emails describing the services, and new ad production process (Hoffman & Bateson, 2010). This will enhance their relationship with the customers.


Topic 2: Discussion on Ethical Considerations

Ethical considerations entail considering the principles of morality. A person should consider whether the actions he/she wants to take are within the standards of right practice (Crane & Matten, 2010). Therefore, the ethical decisions of the soda company are guided by the values of that it portrays. The soda company needs to address the following ethical considerations. First, the company should address the issue of using the countries’ resources. For instance, it should address the usage of large of amount of water to produce a liter of soda. Lesser-developed countries in Africa are affected by the scarcity of water. Therefore, when the company wastes a large amount of water on the production of soda, the society is affected. Similarly, the company can use such resources to help poor communities.

Second, the company needs to address the issue of land pollution. The installation of the manufacturing plant will result in the creation of unnecessary plastic waste. Besides, waste products from the firm will pollute the environment making the land less fertile to grow crops (Crane & Matten, 2010). Third, the soda company should address health issues resulting from the consumption of soda. The health concerns that the consumers might get include increased caloric intake, tooth decay due to the acidity of the soda and weaker bones. Health is a bigger concern in developing countries, and when the company does not take actions to combat the situation, many people will use their lives.



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