Sexism in Hollywood

Sexism in Hollywood has continued creating a gap between men and women implying that there are distinct roles for both genders. It creates a division and women have to fight for their roles in Hollywood especially in the entertainment industry. In the society, women are trying to fight for their rights and change what is perceived as the position and the role of a man in the society. However, their role in the Hollywood sector is to act as helpers of men in successfully achieving their primary functions and appearing as the best.

The pay gap is evident in almost all the occupations in the society. In Hollywood, the frequently sent emails that discuss payments for the actors and list of highest paid actors reveal it all. Actresses perform their roles efficiently, and the famous ones still earn nearly the same with the male who are not as famous (Jones, Deborah & Judith, 2015). Women have a shorter screen time as compared to men. The show time differences affect not only those involved in Hollywood but also those who are in the outside world. At any particular time a complaint is aired, the voice of women is shut and the domination of men in the industry does not change. Various sources show that men dominate the film industry in both off-screen and onscreen and the women are to fill the lower gaps left (Jones, Deborah & Judith, 2015). Men make the roles to be played and women are to take the roles as modelled in the viewpoint of the males.

The questions asked in interviews in respect to the role that a woman will play in Hollywood are of great concern. Women have to act up to a certain level of dress code and the questions mostly concern their natural appearances and outfit (Pires, 2018). In addition to that, women are often asked about their experience with a certain male actor and their consistency in the industry. The questions may affect a woman at a personal level on their social outlook and affect their self-esteem hence opting to ways of improving themselves. On the other hand, men are often questioned about their role in the movie, how they feel about its theme and their experience in realizing the acting talent.

In conclusion, sexism in Hollywood has affected the society at large since many growing children learn the roles of women and how they are treated. The women are treated harshly while acting and are mistreated. The appearance of a woman on screen is limited to a certain level as compared to that of a man, and they earn lesser payments for their roles. Sexism should be fought against and all genders should be granted equal rights in the society.




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