Shadow a leader

The Leadership shadow is going well, and there are many things that I am learning from the current progress. The leader that I am shadowing is my boss. The time is quite useful since it is the time of the year that the company is developing its strategic goals. Within this time the leaders get the chance to formulate the strategies for the company and how they are going to achieve these strategies. In my experience with the boss, I am learning something unique about his leadership style. One of the most outstanding things is the way she able to believe in her. I realized that she has a way of appreciating every individual’s potential and ideas. In this way, she has made each person be a part of the bigger goals of achieving the strategic goals of the company. I have never seen a leader that has such interest in the development of individual employees. I think that she has exceptions leadership skills.

For the past week, I have been spending much time talking to him and asking him more about his leadership skills. One thing that he seems to believe in firmly is that a good leader should only tell people what they need to do but be part of the way to do it. He thinks that charisma should be within any leader. Besides, a leader should have a great sense of emotional intelligence. He says that as much as one might seek to have their point head, they also need to listen to the others and know how to communicate with them.

From the experience that I have had with him, I have also realized that making a change in an organization requires the leader to have a strategic view on issues. However, he also needs to bring other people to believe in the dream that he has. Within this week I have learned how the leader has achieved this goal. I would wish to bring such skills when I become a leader.

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