Sharing of information

With the current technological advancements, sharing of life moments and woes has become easy. Friends can instantaneously share pictures and photos no matter the distance or geographical location. However, the question of whether the people have full rights when posting on social media has taken center stage. The case of Korynn Gaines whose Instagram profile was temporarily removed by the Instagram Company with a request from the police is a good example of posting rights. She was sharing her encounter with the police, and Instagram deleted her profile temporarily. The question here is whether this results to censorship and whether such an action by the police can be termed as being ethical.

Capturing and sharing of police actions has taken to social media in recent times. Cases of police brutality have been on the rise and given that the mass media is to some extent biased based on journalists’ relationships with the police; the public has turned to social media to share instances of police brutality. Those oppressed by the police t

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