Sheldon’s Body Portion

Lookingat the aspects of life, several things need to be considered. The variation of these things is based on the people’s thoughts on what they think is right as opposed to what is false. However, what many people fail to realize is that the world they live in is made up of the ideas of theories. The most curious argument is the constitutional and criminology theory, they focus on the findings which are related to criminal behavior (Little 2). Notably, Sheldon’s method also focuses on body personality as well as their credibility within the holder’s life. The three body portions include ectomorph; a thin person with poor social skills; endomorph, around a person with more relaxed personalities and the mesomorph which refers to the most desirable body shape. The paper focuses on discussing the most credible and less credible Sheldon’s body portion’

Most Credible Sheldon’s Body Portion

The most credible Sheldon’s body portion is the mesomorph; the body portion lies between the endomorph and ectomorph. The accumulation of some traits from the other body portions makes it credible and is characterized by a large head, narrow waist, broad shoulders, and little body fat (Little1). Notably, they have a muscled body with strong thighs and forearms which are great placed and proportioned. Generally, mesomorph is associated with courage, assertiveness, competition as well as a zest for different physical activities,

Less Credible Sheldon’s Body Portion

Conversely, the less credible portion is the ectomorph. It shows an opposite form of the endomorph and is associated with narrow hips and shoulders with thin arms and legs.

Similarly, they portray high levels of self-conscious and privacy, thus making the application of criminology theory dispensation hard. Psychologically they are emotionally restrained and thoughtful in whatever activities that are around them. Handling their behaviors is bizarre.


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