Shopping at a Boutique

What would you do if you were a customer observing how another customer was being treated by the store staff?

I would speak up because I know how that feels like. I have walked into stores before and been looked at in a strange way just because I was Hispanic. Recently I actually walked into a Walmart store and was looking at some products and was quickly spotted by one of the workers who looked at me in a weird way. A few minutes later while I was looking at some products, I had a security guard standing next to me and started looking at the products next to me. I already knew what was happening, so I just cracked a smile and continued shopping. I believe that people who have gone through that type of discrimination would most likely stand up for a customer that is going through the same thing. I also believe the same race of people stick together more than different races would. I would expect more black people to stick up for the black woman that was being discriminated against, and more white people would stick with the store workers because they are white.

Is a store management’s decision (for any store) to profile any customer justified? Is it ethical?

I do not think that it is justified or ethical for a store manager to make a decision to profile people. However, it is something that has become a norm in society. People see it on the T.V. and movies every day, the minorities always play the people that have guns and go around shooting people. Blacks and Hispanics are always playing the gang members in a movie more often than I would like, and it creates this norm in peoples mind. When managers see a black or Hispanic person in a store, it automatically puts them on alert and they have the duty to make sure they don’t get robbed preferably by a race of people that have been branded by society. If I was a manager of a store, I may even profile my own people without even thinking about it. It’s not ethical, but I believe society had made it a norm and a few bad apples have made it a norm. What I mean by bad apples are people that commit crimes that are black and Hispanic that give the whole race a bad name. It also doesn’t help that U.S. prisons are filled with blacks and Hispanics.

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