Should Abortion Be Legal?

Should Abortion Be Legal?

The US Supreme Court declared abortion a fundamental right in the year 1973; however, different people have varied opinions on whether or not abortion should be legal. On my side, I oppose the idea of legalizing abortion. As a pro-life, I consider abortion as an immoral act that leads to the killing of an innocent human being. It is because life begins at conception. Similarly, the act of abortion imposes more suffering on the unborn child. It would be unfair to couples who are unable to conceive if the government allows women to abort.

The reasons that oppose my position on abortion include the following. First, the proponents argue that the US Constitution supports the act of abortion, and the US Supreme Court declared it as a fundamental right (, n.d). Moreover, they believe that abortion rights will remain the law of the land since the Supreme Court guaranteed women the right to privacy. Therefore, it is her decision to terminate the pregnancy. Second, women have a reproductive choice that grants them control over their bodies. Besides, a woman has a choice regarding when or whether to have a child and it all depends on her ability to determine the future. They make their decisions independently. On the same note, the ability of a woman to control her reproductive life has propelled their ability to participate in the economic and social life of the country.

Third, the proponents argue that personhood begins at birth. This is the point when the fetus can survive outside the womb. They disagree with the notion that personhood begins at conception. According to the proponents, embryos and fetuses are not self-sustaining beings, and when an abortion is carried out, they terminate the pregnancy and not the life of the baby. Also, fetuses are not included in the US Census, and the age of a person is calculated after birth and not during conception (, n.d).

The first reason is in the Supreme Court declaring abortion a fundamental right. The interesting thing about this view is that it shows the role of the Constitution in protecting the rights of the citizens. The US Constitution ensures the right of privacy and it is exhibited by legalizing abortion. When I believe this view, I will notice the importance and power of the US Constitution. The Constitution has power over every decision that is important to the citizens (News24, 2013). It helps the citizens realize their fundamental rights. This idea might be true under the condition that a woman will terminate her pregnancy due to unavoidable circumstances. In such a situation, she will make the right decision.

The second reason is the reproductive choice that women have that grant them control over their bodies. On this view, I am interested in the fact that women determine their future independently since they have control over their bodies. They decide on their reproductive choice, and that holds the key to their future. If I believe this view, I will notice that if a woman has control over her reproductive life, she will actively participate in both the economic and social life of the country. Similarly, restricting them on abortion is one way to deprive them of equal citizenship status (News24, 2013). This idea might be true if women use their reproductive choice wisely to plan for their future. In their decision on whether or not to have a child, they should prepare themselves for economic and social life.

The last reason is that personhood begins at birth. This view interests me in the sense that when an abortion is conducted, the physician terminates the pregnancy and not the baby. It is interesting to learn that the pregnancy and the baby are two different things. If I believe this view, I will notice that the fetus cannot survive outside the womb, and that is why personhood begins after a child has been born. This idea might be true under the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. In the US Constitutions, the word person does not include the unborn child. Therefore, abortion is legal because the operation involves the termination of pregnancy and not the baby.


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