Should children under the age of ten own cell phones?

Should children under the age of ten own cell phones?

  1. Introduction

It is important to realize that children under the age of ten if allowed to own cell phones can be both a blessing and a cure at the same time. It can be a blessing because you can easily track them with much ease if needs be, a curse because it can lead to addiction and other forms of distraction such as regularly playing online video games that can consequently lead to poor academic performance.

  1. I have a one-year-old daughter who can barely hold a clear conversation. And my worry has always been how I can get her during emergencies. It is so hard to imagine if she will be able to have a cell phone when she is out of daycare and preschool.
  2. It is true that the act of owning a cell phone has both positive and negative effects on the lives of children
  3. The question that many people are asking is whether children can be able to manage their cell phones responsibly with the increased ease of accessing online contents with limited control from the parents.
  4. It there any possibility that children can be subjected to online cyberbullying
  5. First Main point: how mature is the child to use the cell phone without engaging in online content that can affect their lives negatively
  6. Some children can manage their cell phones more responsibly while others cannot
  7. Levels of maturity
  8. Precautionary road
  9. Can children lead their cell phones by following instructions from their parents
  10. Can children get vulnerable to cyberbullying
  11. Can children only use their cell phones when they are out of school
  • Do you trust that your child can be where you expect them to be without a cell phone
  • What will be your kid’s primary use of the cell phone
  1. It is important to know that having a cell phone can sometimes be a massive responsibility to the kid especially if they are not ready
  • Second Main Point: what is the content that the child is viewing online
  1. The threat of social platforms, as well as emerging Apps, is already a big deal in the society
  2. Is the level of parental control becoming an impediment to the child
  3. Is the parental control over their children a show of lack of trust to the child or it is a form of protection to the child.
  4. Is true that the parent has caught the child watching inappropriate content from their cell phones
  5. What is the parent supposed to do when their children are using their cell phones overtime
  6. How frequently is the parent supposed to check their children’s cell phones
  7. What is the appropriate time to take the cell phone from the child
  8. Third Main Point: are children getting so much attached to their cell phones
  9. The dopamine chemical discharged from the cell phone getting fond of the child
  10. Is the child receiving a message that they should not watch because it can alter their behavior at a younger age
  11. Conclusion

A.     Restate your main points

Is the child responsible enough to manage a cell phone?

What is the child watching online with the cell phone when I am not around with them

Are children growing so close to their cell phone to the extent that it is leading to obvious detachment issues in school and people at home

B.     It is true that if children under the age of ten get accessed to cell phones, it can contribute to their lives both negatively and positively. It depends on how they get access to these devices, and parents should check how their kids use cell phones.

C.     It is true that if children under the age of ten get access to their cell phones, it can be both a blessing and a curse.



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