Shoulder & Arm Pain


Shoulder & Arm Pain has become a widespread issue that has been making many patients sick and weak, and this mostly leads to so much pain making it hard to you the affected arm. The causes of this pain some come from injury while working or from falling and many others. In some other cases, this pain can be due to overworking for several days. When experiencing pain can give you sleepless night and can you feel tired all the time. It can affect your daily productivity for you can’t work while experiencing pain so you will seek off from work leading to no income for those days.


Reasons as to Why Shoulder & Arm Pain Occurs Often?

There are plenty of things which can lead to Shoulder and Arm Pain. The shoulder is one complex joint in our body, is made up of acromioclavicular, glenohumeral, sternoclavicular, and scapulothoracic joints. The Shoulder is always affected by almost every work we do by keeping it in motion; that’s why our shoulder has so many muscles to prevent it from being unstable.

Mostly the major problem is caused by hurting rotator cuff tendinitis, and this condition is brought by tendons inflammation. Also, shoulder pain can be caused by impingement syndrome, and this is caused when the rotator cuff is caught in between humeral head and acromium.  A times shoulder pain can be implying that you hurt in another part of your body like biceps or neck; this kind of pain is called referred pain. Arthritis can also be another source of shoulder pain and others like torn rotator cuff and cartilage.  When tendons or bursa sacs swell can also lead to pain.


When to know is Time to Seek Treatment for Shoulder Pain?

If you have these feeling is time for seeking medical attention when having a recurring shoulder pain yet you have not been injured, this need check up right away for in some cases can be gallbladder problem or heart attack.  When the shoulder is wounded and you bleeding you can see tissues protruding is right to rush for treatment.  If you are unable to move your shoulder or having tenderness near a joint, not healing bruising, having pains for severally days or weeks of universal treatment.  Also if you experience pains while doing nothing, it calls for a check-up.

For most people try to hide the pain and the symptoms by taking anti-inflammatory and pain killers, this can help for a short period, but in long time cure, you will need a proper treatment to avoid significant complications at last.

Major Causes for Shoulder and Arm Pain?

These causes are:-

  • Injury from other parts like hand or wrist also can be from the upper back and the neck.
  • If the rotator cuff is injured or torn.
  • Recurring injuries that end up accumulating.
  • Other can be from poor posture (mostly for people who stay sited for long)
  • Injury on your shoulder ligaments.
  • If your shoulder joint and stable.
  • Also, it can be from a frozen shoulder.

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