Six best cities to invest

Six best cities to invest



As per current analysis on property reports, show that there is growth in the economy for the last two years. This has been leading to new developments costa del sol and improvement of mortgage and banking services. There are six best cities to invest and am going to discuss them below, these cities are:-


  1. Marbella


Marbella is located in a desirable location this making it the number one reason for investors to venture in. Such has led to new developments marbella, and it’s situated near all commercial points in Europe. It has well-established means of transport from speed train to ports, and with also airports. It’s also growing in terms of the real estate sector, where the value of property keeps increasing. The living standards and climate is the one that many people dream of enjoying in their vacation or after retirement.


There is a lot of high-quality places to spend your free time in such best restaurants, water sports, and high standard sports clubs. The climate is reliable for outdoors actives almost throughout the year even in December and January, making this the best place for sunbath and hiking. There is new developments marbella, and this is due to decent prices for properties since rates went down after the property crisis experienced from 2006 to 2016 which led to a decrease in costs.



  1. Estepona

There are plenty of new developments estepona, and this is making many investors invest in property and development of new infrastructures. There are also properties sold at fair prices and situated in the best location which can be useful for commercial or residential use. The construction of a Hospital has led to the growth of investors. Also, there are many people buying property, and this will lead to growth and many people settling here, so it is wise to invest now.

Estepona has luxuries new developments costa del sol which are viable for wealthy clients, tourists, and other people. Senda Litoral beachside path was extended through places where no one could pass making it easy to enjoy the beach and made it easy for cyclers too.  Other new developments estepona include Orchidarium, botanical garden, theatre, and the new athletic stadium, and football pitch this grown is leading to an attraction of many people if that stadium get to host competitions and this will make the city grow rapidly.


  1. Mijas


Mijas is one of the best when it comes to tourism fro it has a feel of traditional in it and its climate is good for outdoor activities. These means the place is right for tourism activities and it can be best for property investment. On the side of transportation from Malaga International Airport to La Cala is a drive towards the west for around 25 minutes. There are a variety of golf clubs which are located near residential place make it reliable for golf lovers.

All the amenities needed are available from shops and restaurant, bar and supermarkets making it ideal for visitors and residents. The growth has spread through the base of the mountain, giving a lovely view and living valuable property on the mountain top. These properties are sold at a minimal price and they are worth every dime you pay.


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