SLD and SLI Discussion

I am going to write about John and Mary who are young children. The two kids were diagnosed with two disorders that were separate and distinct from each other. John had speech and language impairments while Mary had had specific learning disabilities. SLI refers to the diseases that affect a learner’s language skill or speech. It can be gestural, oral or written. Most people across the globe use speech as a form of communication. People with language impairment might have difficulty comprehending how to use certain words. John might also experience a problem of producing certain words and sounds. Besides, SLD is an illness in one of the essential physiological processes. It can affect the thinking, remembering or problem-saving capabilities of an individual.

A child with SLI might not be able to pronounce sounds well. A child’s speech might not be fluent. Therefore, the kid might struggle to pronounce some sounds and words. There are some occasions where the learner will skip some of the words that might be difficult to pronounce. Besides, the student can experience voice problems (Reid & Epstein, 2004). In this case, the learner can either speak too loudly or softly. Lastly, the student’s voice can turn to be hoarse, nasal or breathy.

On the other hand, a kid with SLD can struggle with reading and writing. For instance, the kid may have bad handwriting and may not be able to read and spell some words well. It is also evident that the learner can have a problem with calculations and may not have excellent speaking and speaking capabilities. SLD kids have poor social skills and get distracted easily. They are always disorganized at all times.

There are several strategies that one can use for a child with SLI or SLD TO maximize a kid’s development. For the first case, SLI interventions can be child or environment focused. The former targets the specific character of the kid while the latter seeks to alter the behaviors of those who interact with the kid (Montague, 2003). Besides, some learners might be referred to early special education services. Students with SLD can be taught through the use of certain aids such as sticks to enable them to remember things well. One of the ways of associating with the stakeholders during the implementation process is by talking with them and seeking their opinions frequently.