Sleep is essential for the health of people


Sleep is essential for the health of people. It is associated with various benefits to the body. It is recommended that normal people should sleep for a minimum of eight hours per day. People who do not meet this specification are at a higher risk of developing some health complications.

One of the main benefits of sleeping is that it helps the body to repair itself. Although it is a time for the body to relax from the usual activities, it involves repair of the damage caused by the external factors exposed to it (Venter, 2012). When a person is sleeping, the cells of the body produce more protein molecules, which are used to rebuild the body.

Another benefit of sleeping is that it improves the health of the heart. When a person is at rest, he or she does not participate in strenuous exercises. As a result, the heart pumps blood at a comparatively lower rate. This reduces the chances of one developing high blood pressure, which is a threat to the lives of people (Gottlieb et al., 2006).

Sleep also helps to improve the memory of people. When a person is resting, the brain is not involved in strenuous activity. However, at this time, it is working hard to string together the vents of the day to make them into long term memory (Talamini, Nieuwenhuis, Takashima, & Jensen, 2008). Moreover, when sleeping, people dream about the things which happened during the day.

In conclusion, sleep is very important to the health of a human being. It enables the body to relax from normal daily activities. Rest is essential for the benefit of the heart as well as the brain, which are very important to a human being.

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