Social Change in Healthcare Sector

Social change occurs when the mechanisms within the social, structure are altered. It is characterised by the changes in social organisations, cultural symbols or even the value systems. Sociologists apply the model of social change to elaborate on historical advancements of various disciplines .Analysing the social world culture and everyday life is crucial. Most industrialised are embracing the fact that social change is necessary for a better world .The U.S for example, has experiencing major changes in various field such as medical care ,marijuana and technology government which will be discussed in detail in this paper .

Healthcare coverage in the U.S is provided through a combination of both the public health coverage and the private health –insurance. According to a report by the WHO, the United states spent a total of 9403 dollars on healthcare per capita and another 17.1 percent of its GDP in the year 214. The fact that the U.S does not have a uniform health system and no universal health care system makes it unique among the other industrialised countries .The health-insurance system in the U.S has caused human rights crisis that deprives most people the healthcare they need .Many studies have pointed out that the healthcare system in U.S does not protect the human rights to health .The reason for this is that in 2007 ,both the commonwealth and the WHO reported that there is a higher infant mortality rate and lower life expectancy in the U.S compared to other developed countries .The maternal death rate in U.S is the highest among all the high –income countries .A further study by the American journal of statistics has also indicated that on average 45000 people in the U.S die each year due to lack of health –insurance .Moreover ,the rights of people of colour is also violated .According to the SEER cancer statistics, the survival rate for African Americans is 48% and 60% for the whites .

The U.S is experiencing rapid changes in the healthcare sector .The key motivate for the change is the need to protect human rights to health as required by Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) .The springs passage aimed at addressing the crises that are facing the health sector .It focuses on reducing the number of uninsured individuals from 50 million top about 16million therefore reducing the burden of uncompensated care .Moreover ,it contains provisions for detecting fraud Besides the PPACA other change driver include the large employers who purchase health insurance coverage for the employees and the insurers who pay for the health services .The employers who buy health insurance for their employees tend to place pressure on the care providers with the aim of containing cost shifting part of the costs to their employees and to create effective wellness plan for their employees. The regional health systems that encompasses all doctors, physicians and the hospitals in the provide health care to the citizens .A given region should have a specified number of hospitals, physicians groups as well as the doctors. The current changes in the health system is forcing a change in the quality, cost and the health outcomes.

Technology has revolutionised over the world over the recent years .Ever since it emerged as an independent nation, America has encouraged advancements in technology and science .It has allowed the free flow of ideas by encouraging the growth of useful information and welcoming people from all walks of life .The U.S constitution demonstrates the desire to encourage technological and scientific revolution. Moreover, it gives the congress the power to promote scientific and technological progress. Through the modern technology, Americans have been able to come up with many functional and utility devices such as the smart phones and Televisions. Televisions which are among the biggest money maker technology is expected to make a yearly revenue of 14.3% .However, the future of technology is expected to be more interesting with more advancements.

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