Social class and inequality

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Article title; Separate and Unequal, “The Price of Inequality,” by Joseph E. Stiglitz




Sometimes, the people in the society are differentiated on the bases of socioeconomic strata such as social status, wealth, occupation, and income. Such stratification can be based relative social position of an individual within the social unit, geographical region, category, and social group. In the western communities, social stratification is differentiated on class; this can be upper, middle and the lower class, people are discriminated merely because they come from various class. Classification of people by social strata ranges from state-based, complex to feudal and to state societies. Examining the social stratification structure emerges from inequalities among individuals in the nation, hence the degree of social inequality determines the social stratum of an individual. The review, therefore, analyzes how an article in the famous New York Times presents an example of social stratification. The report examines the article using the conflict theory; this will help in better understanding of the material. In other words, the paper review will analyze the conflict theory behind the article. The discussion will also use one of the concepts from the book chap

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