Social Entrepreneurship Ventures and Technology Commercialization

Social Entrepreneurship Ventures and Technology Commercialization

To locate the financial data on social ventures and their funders using the World Wide Web, one has first to find a search engine that would offer information about the organization’s website. Once you access the site for the organization, you must then type or past the website details on the URL which will direct you to the foundation’s web page (Bruton, Fried, and Manigart, 2015). On the page, there is likely to be a link directing you to the company’s information mostly titled ‘about us.’ The link will take you to another page that has a lot of information. However, the information you will be looking for is on a tab called ‘our finances’ or ‘financials.’ This tab will direct you to financial statements which include funders, expenditure, capital, and other vital information.

While looking at the financial statements for Comic Relief Foundation, it was clear that there were negative relationships between the annual revenues and compensation of the president or chief executive officer. For example, in the 2017 financial statements, senior executives’ salaries amounted to £522,000 per annum, including taxable benefits but excluding pensions. The total remuneration for the year, excluding pensions, for the Chief Executive role was £211k, the salary paid to Liz Warner since her appointment was £133k, and the amount paid to Kevin Cahill was £78, 000 ( 2018).  Total compensation received by the key management personnel was £936, 000.

All other staff remunerations and incomes amounted to about £2.1m. As can be seen, this is a high margin considering that the net revenue for the organization in the year was £104.7m. When the organization deducts all other expenses from the remaining amount, the organization risks incurring losses or minimal profit margins (Price and Harizanova, 2017).




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