Social identity

Social identity comes about to define how individuals come out in society and identify themselves.  Various stages take place before someone achieves social identification. There is social categorization where individuals put themselves into social categories. Then we have the social comparison where people place themselves according to their social standings. After one has undergone the latter he or she then social identifies him or herself.  However, one cannot identify himself without the help of individuals such as the parents, friends, peers, co-workers, religious leaders, teachers, neighbors and the community in general.

For me, religious leaders played a crucial role in my development of attitudes, beliefs, and ideas. It directly affected my views and the way I live today. When I was young, religion helped me understand my origin. Through the various religious classes, I attended I was able to believe that I came from a specific supreme being who cares and loves me. Religion also made me believe in the idea that there is life after we have demised from this world. The idea is that there is another life that I will be able to live once be done with being here.

My friends influenced the way I feel and think about myself. During my adolescent, it is normal for one to believe that he or she is not that beautiful. However, my friends are the ones who kept on complimenting me. That made me realize that I am fearfully made. My parents significantly contributed to my sexuality. Throughout my growth period, sexuality is a topic that my parents have never been opened about it. It is a topic they would always avoid to talk about every time I would try to bring it out. As a result, it has also made me a little bit shy from talking about sexual identity.

One day I was able to answer a mathematical question in class that everyone was unable to respond.  The teacher gave me a bar of chocolate and said that I am the best. Since that day, I believe that I am always the best. That made me improve drastically in my class performance. Up to date, I still feel positive about myself because of the teacher’s comment.


Easiest Category to Identify and Rank

The most natural category to identify and rank amongst those various categories was religion. That is because religion has played a very crucial responsibility in my life. Over the years, religious leaders have been my greatest mentors.

Most Difficult Category to Identify and Rank

The most challenging category to identify and rank for me was sexual identity. There are some reasons as to why I was not able to quickly identify and classify that category. However, my parents are the most significant contributors.

Various Emotions and Ideas I had

There are various emotions that I had while feeling the matrix. I experienced both happy and sad feelings during the process. That is because while I was feeling the matrix, I remembered some of the past experiences. A happy mood was the most dominant response during the process.

In conclusion, I would say that various factors affect the way we identify ourselves in this world. Among the issues, are the people that I have discussed in this article. Therefore, however much we are each, we are also part of a unique culture and society.


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