Social networking

Social networking has been and remains the most growing link for human engagement and relations through the use of dedicated internet-based websites and social media platforms that help create connections among family, friends, classmates, clients, and customers. Social networking is used for business and social purposes through several sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook. On the other hand, human relationship represents the connection between different people through the organizational structure in the workplace or friendship setting. Social networking has received a bad reputation for how it affects human relationships. However, it is indisputable that social networking continues to enhance and benefit human relationships.

At large, social networking has been related to human relationship based on romantic interest; however, this has not been the case. Social media has offered opportunities for creating and maintaining the family, partners, friendship and professional relationships. In this case, the importance of social networking can be viewed by analyzing several human relations. These different relations are connected, and they can lead to a new relationship with time. However, the social networking requires a set of rules to ensure users do not experience any harm.

Social media is a large and robust tool for the development of professional human relationships. A professional human relationship entails connecting the employees, graduates, and scholars with their bosses. In this case, the managers and the hiring department seek human resources from different online platforms. On this note, various programs are designed to incorporate different information and mainly expose them to interested parties (Serrat and Olivier 41). For instance, LinkedIn is an online social media platform designed to give different individuals an online presence where others can explore people’s interest and expertise. The website links the jobless to professionals and stable job positions.

During an interview, the hiring managers require to see some detailed curriculum vitae that highlight the area of expertise and the best relation with a competitive organization. On the other hand, the hiring manager may ask for a traditional resume from their interviewees. However, in some cases, the hiring department requires to access a LinkedIn profile. The profile is also used by the hiring companies to evaluate the most qualified expert in a given area. In this case, the program eases the process of dropping applications from one organization to another.

A complete profile attracts the attention of prominent and well-established companies. In this case, the LinkedIn personal account acts as a curriculum vita dropped in every company. In most cases, the unreachable companies connect with the readily graduated students hence giving them a chance and direct link to access experience. On the hand, the beginning investors have a connection to communicate with the best-selling and buying companies through social media.

The process is much easier and less tiresome due to a social media program that connects the seller with the buyer easily. Naturally, the motives of some programs help individuals to self-serve themselves with opportunities from different companies and markets (Noe and Raymond 12). Moreover, they help people to treat their connections with the same care they put to their face to face businesses. Several other social media platforms connect shy and less fortunate individuals on the bases of communication to different companies. In this case, twitter helps its users to leverage their mutual interests and engage in a conversation with people who they might be shy to face.

Moreover, they help others to communicate with prominent people who are physically unreachable. The programs introduce a fearless mood that allows people from different levels to deliver efficiently. According to statistics, approximately 77% of the companies in the world have an active social networking account meant to connect them with the customers and clients. t

Social media has also played a significant role in connecting people in a similar professional filed. For instance, merging organizations access their partners through such programs. It is mainly observed in small companies seeking partnership. On another side, the young and ambitious investors with immerse ideas but lacks capital sells their plans to the willing partners through adverts hosted by the platforms.

Social networking is a significant tool that opens up a lot of opportunities related to lifetime connections. In most cases, the majority of people we communicate with could not be close to us if social media did not exist. The world is getting tighter and smaller both physically and digitally. “Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” The saying has been used to explain the strong bond that grows from scratch unintentionally. Widening social networking is vital for professional success. Moreover, some other applications such as Tinder helps the love life of different individuals by exposing them to dates they had not met during their daily routines. The application users can choose the kind of people they want to achieve based on social circles and age groups. The application will help the best matches to meet.

Social networking has made the world smaller by allowing people from different origins and geographical locations to connect and at the end live together as partners gradually. The connection is mainly originating from different agendas such as professional or business reasons. In the beginning, two or more people meet with a motive of creating an international business relationship. With time, the people find personal interest on the others hence taking their relations to another level. In other cases, people meet on platforms such as Tinder which was designed to connect young teenagers. Previously, the platform was used to help college students to find their match and later get married. Such platforms allow their users to experience a no-strings-attached happy life that makes them feel comfortable. Mostly, the relationship between close friends results in some marriage decisions.

On the other hand, social networking can allow people to know others in more efficient ways. In this case, texting brings people together when they have limited time to catch up in physical places. Texting can help people to understand their friends’ motives by evaluating their texting habits. In this case, it is easy to detect players and unserious intruders.

Social networking has always given people an opportunity to maintain their relationships with family and friends regardless of their distance. Beyond dating and partnering in business, social media introduces a role where we can keep in touch with family and old friends (Gerson et al. 817). For instance, Facebook keeps people updated when friends get engaged or are giving birth. A few clicks are enough to share daily experiences among friends and families. In other cases, the social media helps people to reach high school and old colleagues.

The online communication has made offline family relationships stronger. It mainly happens when parents or other family members travel to other countries. The bond and love are still felt through online communication that at times support video calling. In this case, the old relationship is felt, and the extent of loneliness is minimized. The most important characteristic of social networking is its effective way of perceiving message without affecting the privacy of the user. In most cases, social media platforms protect the confidential details of the user. In this case, the account owner can restrict other accounts from participating in any discussion or even viewing their updates. Therefore, besides connecting people, social media also takes part in maintaining a productive relationship between close people.

Human relationships are about opening up. In this case, social networking has played as a form of self-expression. Social media influence how people share their personalities with their family, friends and even to the unknown people. In short, social media can be termed as a bridge that connects and maintain a strong bond between humans. However, it is our responsibility to use it effectively. A single platform should be used correctly without exaggerating the response. The platforms help us to improve our confidence when addressing an issue hence showcasing our abilities. Some reactions in different posts help the users to acquire a reliable quality of handling physical circumstances.

Therefore, social media will sound unreliable and misleading if the users do not follow the terms and conditions. However, a slew of rules manage the platforms. These rules cover social media etiquette that enhances a healthy balance between offline and online communication. Violation of the laws will bring a negative view of the platforms.


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