Social Policy and Practice: Sarah Reed Senior Living

Social Policy and Practice: Sarah Reed Senior Living

Federal Policy

Resident abuse policy is a federal policy that protects residents of Sarah Reed Living from abuse, neglect or misappropriation of resident’s property. The policy remains a federal policy as it universal and inhibits anyone from subjecting the residents to any form of abuse or involuntary seclusion. Abuse can verbal, physical, sexual or mental. Resident abuse policy also asserts that every resident should have a right to privacy and confidentiality (Garthwait, 2016).  Resident abuse policy is essential to every individual since there are perpetrators who might harm innocent residents.

Resident abuse policy is essential in the achievement of the goal for the peaceful coexistence of people in the community. Resident abuse policy achieves goals of reducing social problems, achievement of societal well-being, and offers protection of every individual (Garthwait, 2016). PA Department of Human Services requires individuals reporting incidences of abuse to be aged between the age of 18-59 years. This means that any victim of age below or above the age bracket can only contact an adult to assist in reporting abuse incidences. However, the policy protects every person in the community.

Sarah Reed Living complies with the policy as it is formulated under the legislation Act 13 of 1997 and Act 28 of 1995. The agency provides a protective services hotline at 1-800-490-8505 where residents can report the abuse cases. The clients of the agency enjoy since the agency protects their human rights and improves privacy and confidentiality (Garthwait, 2016). Right to privacy and confidentiality improves people’s dignity while interacting with the agency. As such, the agency’s compliance with the policy requirements enhance the well-being of the people, provides protection, and prosperity.

State Policy

Reporting of crimes is a state policy requiring “covered individuals” to report to the Pennsylvania Department of Health as well as the local law enforcement of any imminent crimes in the community. Crimes can disrupt peace in the community and to some extent cause harm to the people. As such, the ability to mitigate crime in the community is vital for the achievement of goals such as the protection of the residents and the improvement of societal well-being (Garthwait, 2016). Implementation of the policy ensures that the residents stay safe from any form of harm or abuse.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act led to the formulation of the contract services policy. The term covered individual means that registered agencies within the state receive annual federal funds to be used to prevent crimes and improve the safety of the people. The federal funds have requirements that an agency has to monitor the proceedings in the community and ensure the safety of patients. If an agency suspects abuse or crime, it has the mandate to report to local law enforcement agency and Pennsylvania Department of Health to ensure the resident’s situation is addressed.

The policy to report crimes improves the welfare of the residents and minimizes instances of negligence. Sarah Reed Living understands its responsibility to partake in ensuring the safety and protection of residents through the policy requirements of the state. Sarah Reed has clearly outlined sections and chapters which define the aspect of crimes (Garthwait, 2016). Employees at Sarah Reed Living should observe the possible signs of the crimes before reporting to the state department of health and law enforcement organization. The state policy ensures that the state laws govern the activities of Sarah Reed Living.

Agency Policy

Non-discrimination policy is a Sarah Reed Living policy requiring that every employee should not discriminate their peers. Sarah Reed Living prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, disability, ancestry, national origin, age or sex. The executive director asserts that workplace discrimination profoundly affects the performance of employees (Garthwait, 2016). Sarah Reed Living provides equal employment opportunities to every qualified applicant and offers reasonable accommodation to applicants with mental and physical challenges. Sarah Reed Living executive director encourages employees to report cases of discrimination to Office for Civil Rights as well as the management of the agency.

Every employee or applicants that feel discriminated are eligible to report the incidences of discrimination. Non-discrimination policy is a type of social insurance policy with a goal to prevent and reduce social problems such as racial and gender discrimination (Garthwait, 2016). The policy also protects the rights of every resident in the community served by Sarah Reed Living by improving equity at the workplace. Failure to discriminate has benefits of ensuring the development of the people in the community. Therefore, the non-discrimination policy contributes to prosperity and achieving career growth for employees of the agency.

Non-discrimination policy affects the services offered by the agency as it has to ensure the safety of every individual and incur costs for finding accommodation for the people with physical and mental challenges. The policy also affects the recruitment procedure to make sure that the process is non-discriminative (Garthwait, 2016). Employees selected have to ensure they are non-discriminative because it is part of the employment agreement. Clients of the agency enjoy better services when the employees work in unity and without any discrimination.



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