Social technology strategy

The social technology strategy that I would highly recommend is embracing social media to expand sales. This is through the use of social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Through the use of these social networks, the Sage street systems will be able to interact with the targeted audience directly via text message.

There are various reasons why I highly recommend this strategy. The 1st reason is that the social web is growing very fast. Here, a lot of millennials are using social media on a daily bases, according to the survey that was done, around 90% of the millennial interacts with the social media on their daily bases. This, therefore, means that the company will reach them easily. Generally, the people interacting with mobile phones to access the internet between the years, 2016 to 2017 was 67%. This means that the older generation and the millennials will be targeted in this blanket. The other reason why I recommend this strategy is because social media mainly influence the purchasing decision. Social media plays a significant role in audience building and engagement (Tiago, 2014). The primary platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have highly specialized in advertising. This means that they rule a lot of customers with the promise of improved APIs. This strategy will, therefore, be important because it will expand the appeal of the company and its products to the millennials.

This strategy will benefit the organization in many ways; this strategy will increase brand awareness. A lot of people use social media platforms; this strategy, therefore, will ensure more and new people are reached hence growing brand awareness. The policy will also create a competitive advantage. Social media create a platform to interact with the fans and followers everytime they log in. This means that if the strategy is utilized correctly, a competitive advantage will be created in Sage street system. The other benefit is increased sales in the organization; this is because the strategy will market the company, and as a result, increased sales are achieved. The other advantage is that the procedure generates leads; here, it creates an efficient and low committed way for potential customers to express their interests.

The social metric that I would highly recommend to ensure that the strategy is effective is engagement. Here, I would check how the people are getting involved in the conversation about the brand. I will check the things that they are doing to spreading the company message. The other metric that the company can consider is influenced (Peters, 2013) who is talking about the company brand? What influence do these people have? Are they reaching the millennials?

Given the budget consideration, the cost of my strategy will be minimum. The company will be able to handle the price because it ranges from $3000 to $20000 per month. The company can easily afford this cost of money. This minimal cost also creates a comprehensive strategy for marketing and outsourcing all the works.

Embracing the social media strategy to expand the sales is the best intervention that can be adopted in the organization to ensure that a more significant segment of the targeted audience is reached by Sage street system. A lot of millennials will be achieved via this method. The strategy also promotes engagement between the customers, employees, and peers.



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