Social webpage

  1. Product idea.

Information technology for management if focused on social networking, engagement, and social metrics. The social web is tentatively determined to ensure broad connectivity and build user-generated content through dynamic webpages. The technology to be put in use concerns generating a culture of connectivity and collaboration of marketers of products and services on the web page platforms. Users can control the contents on the web page as well as creating relationships, recruit employees and pool financial funds. These relationships focus on real people, connections, constant updates which are real-time, in addition to equipment independence. Social web postulates transformation in organizations whereby unsuccessful organizations engage customers directly through communication and connectivity.

  1. Advantages

There is an increase in virtual communication in addition to increased connections. It implies user to user interactions as well as feedback which is real time.

Social web encompasses not only connections, socializing but also sales of goods and services.

Product/service entrepreneurship on the social web details on promotion directed to prospective and existing customers.

In the social web, there are business models which are suitable for different businesses. Enhances large organization to small, medium enterprises to research the suitability and enhancement of activities.

  1. Potential customers.

Nongovernmental organizations which require to outsource for funds through fundraising can also use the social webpage.

Corporate companies that hire on behalf of other companies can apply the webpage to recruit employees.

Research institutions that engage in massive research activities have an enormous chance when using the social website as a search engine.

  1. Three social media to use in marketing the webpage include;


It is a link between the users of social media users and innovated webpage.


These are used to share the content of their information on the social webpage.


Twitter users who include celebrities, companies and political platforms can access the information about the social web.

All of the above platforms will enhance the sharing features of the product broadly. However, Facebook is more appealing, unlike blogs which make it hard to get direct users. On Twitter, one has to follow the twitter hurdle to get information about the product.


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