Societal Ethical Issues

Ethical issues arise every day during the interaction of people in all areas of society. The criminal justice system and the now popular private security domains are not exceptions from this, mainly because their actions affect a significant number of people. In criminal justice, multiple issues may arise during day to day operations. The most famous ethical problem facing this area is coercion and the use of brutal force. Law enforcers must strike a balance between what is acceptable and what violates the rights of an individual even in unclear and dangerous circumstances.

Another concern arises when individuals in the justice department make decisions based on their prejudices and subjective opinions and beliefs. In this situation they will not be acting in the interest of the community; they will be fulfilling their desires, which is an offense in the eyes of the law. Additionally, the justice system may find itself in situations where members show hostility towards particular groups of people (Campbellsville University, 2019). It should be clear that all individuals are equal and for that, all cases should be subject to similar, lawful treatment.

Private security also has its fair share of ethical concerns. Firstly, in this area, there is very little accountability since there is no existing structure that regulates the actions of private policing. These individuals show no commitment to the welfare of other individuals except those who generate their pay. They do not deliver on statutory rights and exhibit dedication only to the criminal code which leaves plenty of room to disregard the wellbeing of other residents of the community within their area of operation (BCcampus, 2019). However, the most notable concern regarding private security is that only the wealthy can afford to get this type of protection. While security remains top of the list for every human being, these group of police only offer their services to those who can pay, even if all of the members of the society are in danger.



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