Sociology Essay

Part One

In the course of my life, I have exhibited inclinations towards specific subcultures both in school and at home. A subculture is a cultural group within a specific culture that differs in one or more ways from the culture (Brym and Lie 2012). I, for instance, am a member of the broader American culture and my way of life resonates with that of other Americans. In this regard, I share in the differently cultural aspects of the country including traditions and religion. However, I also subscribe to a specific subculture within this broad culture. This association is reflected in my identification as a biker. Consequently, I have joined a group of other bikers where we do things together thus forming a unique subculture. In addition, we go for bike riding every Sunday with other mini events spread out across the year. We have specific rules of association including observation of safety regulations while driving. This experience makes me part the biker subculture.

The theory of structural functionalism is used in analyzing our activities and situations in the bikers association. The theory asserts that human behavior is governed by stable patterns of social relations based on shared values. Our activities in the group are guided by the social values of sports to improve physicality, sporty and for leisure. The theory of functionalism is applied with the intention of attaining the desired societal values through biking. Moreover, the biking activities conducted include charitable events where we raise money for different organizations. In one instance, we collected money to help in paying school fees for needy students. This activity is important in contributing to the general well-being of the society since the children will gain education and help the society in future.

The example of a biking association is well within the realms of sociology as it helps in improving the society. By contributing to the well-being of needy students, they become useful people in society and pay taxes to the government for development. The functionalism theory of sociology was used in gaining an understanding of the activities conducted within the association. The view of sports as a leisure activity that improves ones fitness is analyzed through the theoretical perspective. The theory is important in improving the understanding of the activities through sociological imagination. Indeed, the concept is useful in helping me to think in a different trajectory from the commonalities of everyday life. In the end, the biking subculture is best analyzed through the sociological imagination attained in class.

Part Two

Every day, people engage in anticipatory socialization both knowingly and unknowingly. I am no exception as the need to associate with a specific group has led me to acquire certain traits in preparation for the actual joining. For instance, the desire to be a sociologist has pushed me to practice anticipatory socialization in attaining the necessary skill set. In essence, I have chosen to act like a professional sociologist, borrowing a leaf from my lecturers. One of these behaviors is evidenced in my decision to not assume anything in life. Therefore, I don’t regard assumptions as normality in life but chooser to explore different possibilities though the use of empirical evidence. I now understand that having assumptions is okay but they must be tested because they are only opinions. In addition, I have also practiced the behaviors of embracing wrong assumptions. My presumption is that my opinions are always wrong until they have been tested and verified through empirical evidence.

In analyzing my anticipatory socialization in the subject of sociology, I will use the theory of symbolic interactionism. This theory focuses on interpersonal communication in micro level settings (Brym and Lie 2012). It presumes that social life is only possible because of the meaning attached to things in life. This is true in my example of acting as a professional sociologist in anticipation of the eventual graduation. The decisions made in my coursework are based on my understanding of the role of interpersonal communication. I have valued the opinions of others to the point of presuming my opinions as false until they have been tested and verified through empirical evidence. In this way, I understand my fellow students better as I can listen to their views on important matters in the class. In addition, the fact that I embrace my opinions even when they are wrong is a reflection of the theory of symbolic interactionism.

The example on anticipatory socialization is perfectly understood through the use of sociological concepts. For instance, the perspective theory of symbolic interactionism is effective in understanding the reasons for the acquired behavior. Moreover, the theory helps in explaining why I have adopted the behavior and the motivation behind this acquisition. Also, the use of sociological imagination helps in outlining the social aspects of cultures. My knowledge in sociology was therefore important in exploring the specific concept as well as the understanding of the acquired behavior. In the end, the concepts taught in sociology were effective in dissecting the anticipatory socialization evidenced in my interaction.



Brym, Robert. J., & Lie, John. (2012). Sociology: Pop culture to social structure. Australia: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

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