Sofia’s interview on the American Dream

Sofia’s interview on the American Dream

Sofia is 36 years old and was born in March 1980. She grew up in Meridian, Mississippi with her mother. Sofia grew up in the 1990’s and 2000’s where she went through schooling in this area. During these two decades, there were various significant events taking place like the end of the cold war, Massive flooding of Mississippi river that resulted in deaths, passing of the No Child Left Behind Act, Election of the first Black president in America among other things. Sofia is a Mexican America. Her mother migrated from Mexico long before she was born in the search of the “American Dream”. She is the only child and has never met her father. Her mother did not practice any religion, and as a result, Sofia followed in those footsteps. When I asked her about her social class, she did not seem quite sure. She only replied by saying “mmmm…Let me say that I am just doing fine; I have come a long way and finally I can enjoy the fruits of my labor”. When it comes to education, she has a nursing degree, and now she is a practicing professional.

When I asked her of how she defined the “American Dream” while young, she seemed to have gone into deep thoughts. She explained that as she was growing up life was tough on her since she was being raised by a single mother who only survived by means of uncertain casual labor. She was not even sure when she grew up to be an adult since she started working at an early age so that she could help her mother to make ends meet. The definition of the American dream at that time was living a life devoid of worries of what tomorrow had for her and her mother. She dreamt of one day being able to live a comfortable life that enabled her to afford various things in life. She also longed for the day she would be able to help her mother in a big way for the struggles she has gone through trying to make her life better and ensure that she gained education regardless of the obstacles along the way.

Sofia was not quite sure whether most of her peers shared a similar definition of the American Dream. She did not have that much time to interact and get to know them better since her life revolved around many things. However, she asserts that she had a best friend with whom they shared a life story that was quite similar. They had similar opinions of what they thought the American dream was all about. They wanted to ensure that their children would never experience the type of life that they had and were more than driven to put a smile on their mothers’ faces one day.

Sofia’s definition of the American dream has not changed even at this moment. She had always wanted to evade poverty and live a happy life. That is what she still considers her American dream. She says that when you are together with your family and you are all cheerful without any worries, and you can afford the necessary things in life, it is the best feeling.

When I asked her whether she has achieved the American dream, she replied with a big YES! “I am living the American Dream since I have a family, a job, I have bought my mother a house, and my son attends a great school. If he works hard, he can have any job that he desires. I did not have that, but he does. This is a dream come true”. Those were her exact words. She was very enthusiastic about this issue and showed feelings of contentment.

Sofia believes that people should reach for the American Dream. She said if it was not for the American dream that she wished to actualize as she defined it, she might not have been able to get to where she is right now. She would have given up in life, and her children would end up suffering like she did in her early years. However, she was quick to mention that people had different definitions of the American Dream. She talked about how many people think that the American Dream is all about gaining extra wealth regardless of the means used. According to her, such mentalities only lead to an immoral society full of people with unfulfilled dreams.

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