Spanish 122 Signature Assignment OUTLINE

Spanish 122 Signature Assignment OUTLINE

Mexico is a country in North America (Diaz and others, 2006). At the western hemisphere, Mexico is said to be the highest populated area in the northern hemisphere with a population of around 21 million in the metropolitan (Samet and others, 1980). The Roman Catholic Church is the dominating religion with a statistical influence of up to 83% of the total population (Ortiz, 2008). The BBC outlined Mexico as the second largest Catholic country in the world. However, there are millions of unreached youths in the city.It is evident to say that Christianity influence in Mexico is secure.A decrease in Christianity authority from the 70% initially recorded in 1959 to 10 %.It is because members flee from Mexico to Queretaro in such more safer ground. Mexico is experiencing a high rate of drug trafficking and cartel influence. Following these lifestyles, they have resolved to accept the gospel in a bid to question their life past culture that may have led to this insecurity. One thing for sure is that Mexico’s willingness to accept Christ is of a high rate currently.

Most people were afraid to commence a mission in Mexico due to insecure conditions (Ronald,2006). However, the alliance Christian missionaries arrived in Mexico in 1954. Rev. Benjamin Simpson founded the union Christian missionaries in 1887. Rev Benjamin ordained under the Presbyterian Church in Canada. The C&MA formed as a result of the merging of two groups which include; the Christian Alliance and the evangelic ministry alliance. Rev Simpson had initially had a training institute on Pentecostalism which enabled the spread of the movement. The membership Christian missionaries had a vision statement based on the ministry. The mission was to create a global network and capitalist accumulation in celebrating the love of Christ (Penny cook, 2003).They missionaries started their outreach in the outskirts of Mexico town.Surprisingly up to now has built 30 organized churches and 33 unorganized groups which help in the spread of the gospel in Mexico. Not only have they achieved the maximum of 4,700 baptized members, but have also recorded a maximum of 6,800 inclusive members. Seven ordained ministries have established in Mexico. During the department, the missionaries faced scarcity of fuel for their vehicles.The access of fuel (gas) for their cars resulted from corruption. Also, crime was also a challenge for missionaries (Robert and Cheryl Fugate, 2019). On the contrary, all the problems were overcome, and the mission work continues.

In conclusion, mission work is relevant and essential in this age of time. In fulfilling the great commission according to Mathew 28:18-20, challenges are bound to occur. It is only through prayers that all obstacles will overcome.



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