Special Population

According to the article, students-teaching is important in helping teachers prepare for instructional planning. It is critical for individuals to acquire practical knowledge before they can apply the concepts they had learned earlier. Similarly, through student-teaching, teachers will use their knowledge to apply effectively in their classrooms. Also, student-teaching acts as a stepping stone to all professional teachers since it provides them with experience and skills that they will use throughout their careers. Moreover, it is so important that those who do not have experience in it are likely to leave the job within five years. Therefore, student-teaching has a significant role in shaping the future behaviors of all teachers.

Student-teaching has gone far to address the problem in contemporary special education. It helps in bridging the gap that exists between research and instructional practice. The gap is distressing in special education; moreover, disabled students require appropriate and extraordinary technique to achieve their goal. Also, they lack the social skills hence most teachers find it difficult to satisfy their needs during regular classrooms (Salvia, Ysseldyke, & Bolt, 2013). Therefore, student-teaching experience is helpful in removing or preventing the need for expensive support so that teachers can change their instructional practice. The results are positive because the teachers have developed a strong practical base through student-teaching that can cater for the special population.

Student-teaching and the relationship between the student teacher and cooperating teacher are all critical as far as learning is concerned.  For the relationship to prosper, an open communication between the parties must be considered. Cooperating teacher is much influential in the life of student-teacher. Moreover, the practice of the cooperating teachers sets the standards that student-teachers aspire to achieve. It is the work of the cooperating teacher to manage and instruct his/her class in ways that they would respond well. Therefore, this will involve making the information to be clear to them. Similarly, the cooperating teacher needs to listen to the various concerns about the student-teacher and ensure there is an open line of communication. The open door for questions and answers will strengthen the relationship since there will be respect, compassion, and honesty.



Salvia, J., Ysseldyke, J. E., & Bolt, S. (2013). Assessment in special and inclusive education. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Cencage Learning.


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