Speech Presentation Review

Speech Presentation Review

Being my second presentation, I had promised myself that I would give my best. In the last speech presentation, I made some mistakes which I went on later and worked on. Therefore, entering the room, I was sure it was my day. My speech was a bit longer, but right from the start, I gave my best. My dressing code was, and my audience was very lively. I believe I was successful in the speech because I had prepared well a week earlier. My slides were well arranged as per the statement. I am basing my achievement by the crowd reaction. Throughout the speech they were happy, and I could see them laughing at my jokes. Unlike the last presentation, here I had so many questions to answer from the audience. This made me realize that I had done my best in the speech.


Speech preparation is key to the presentation itself. If you don’t prepare well most likely, there will be a lot of challenges during the performance. My speech was compassionate as I had to convince people that euthanasia is right in society. Therefore, I took my time well to prepare. Here, I had to use both primary and secondary sources. The speech required extensive research. To convince my audience that I carried out proper research I had to mention the sources used. I would suggest the author of the book loudly. By doing this, the audience would know that the sources I used were genuine. This was one of the requirements of the speech from the teacher’s instructions. I used five references in the essay, and I acknowledged every author of the source that I used.



Presentation needs a lot of preparation both physically and psychologically. In the last speech I did not do that well, but this time I improved a lot from dressing code to the talk itself. I was very courageous. I grabbed the attention of the audience from the start. However, what stood out most during the presentation was my voice and tone. My view was very clear as everybody in the room would hear what I was saying. This was coupled well with my body movements and gestures. Despite this, I believe that there is still room for improvement. I am hoping that in future I will become a good speaker.



Like I said before a good speech needs a lot of preparation. However, to be a good speaker, I need to improve on some things:


In my address, I found it a bit difficult to summarize all my points within the given time. Therefore, I need to balance between the given time and the content in my speech. To achieve this, I need to practice a lot. I will accomplish this by writing statements and calling my friends to sit down and listen to me.

More research is needed

Standing in front of learned people and convince them to adopt a particular strategy is not a joke. The speaker needs to be well informed with a lot of facts. Therefore, to have these facts I need to expand on my research next time. This will also help me when it comes to answering questions from the audience

Switching between PowerPoint and speech

PowerPoint is essential when it comes to speech. However, it is not easy to change from speech to slides and vice-versa. This is one point that I need to improve in the future. To help me achieve this, I need to listen to a lot of speech and see how famous speakers do it.


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