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Over/Under Betting – a Beginner’s Guide to Over/Under Bets

Over/under betting is the only type of bet that makes you to cheer against or for both teams in a single match. This is always a fun and exciting experience especially when love or despise either of the teams playing. Do you wish to just cheer for a big game? Placing over/under bets lets you do that as you earn some money. Apart from its entertaining aspect, these bets offer a lot of flexibility for sports punters to use other information and predictions they might have. Over/under betting option can also be called totals betting, and this review describes some of the terms you will find in your favourite bookie.

Understanding Over/Under Bets – a Short Explanation

Betting on over/under may look simple but it requires careful analysis. If you are counting on a team’s potential to score, you should look deep into their scoring stats. For instance, consider their average scoring form in the last 5 matches or more. Sometime you may find that the stats indicate low scoring which will prompt you to place an under bet.

Apart from that, punters place high or low stakes depending on the odd size. Bets like over 1.5 can have small odds, but they are safe for big stakes. However, some punters opt to combine these small odds in a multi bet so that they stake low. The good thing about the over/under bets is that each team contributes to the success of your bet.

The Over/Under Bet in Practice

In a totals bet, punters get to predict that the occurrence will go above or below a certain threshold. This is the reason why this type of bet is called over/under. For instance, you can place a bet on over/under goals in a game of football. Normally, the bets are put in half points to avoid ties (over/under 2.5), and it is easy to know how to bet totals. In an over/under 2.5 goals bet, if the total number of goals scored is 3 and above, an over bet wins. The under bet wins if the goals are less than three. This bet will make you cheer for both teams to gather tons of goals or for them to play terribly.

The Different Over/Under Variants at a Glance

Bookmakers allow punters to place over/under bets on various football markets including total goals, bookings, and corners. These markets are usually categorised using the threshold required. For example, the market can be over/under 1.5, 2, 2.5, and so on. This gives punters endless betting opportunities and ways of winning some cash. In this review, we will discuss these over under betting thresholds.

Over/Under 1.5

This is one of the over/under bets that have minimal odds. If you are placing a bet in the over/under 1.5 goals market, you should find a number of strategies that can help you to make big winnings consistently. The good thing about this market is that it limits your risk. Each team has to score one goal each, or one team to score two goals. Many punters get better returns by placing bets on the total goals in a match, compared selecting one team to win the game.

Over/Under 2

In an over/under 2 goals bet, the punter has more flexibility compare to other betting markets. In this market, punters do not have to worry about the draw option. All the attention can be focused on whether the total goals in a game will be less or more than 2 after 90 minutes of the game. However, a few punters may not like betting on 2 goals due to the size of the odds. This method of betting is normally used in football or other sports where points are counted when the game ends.

Over/Under 2.25

If you are still new in sports betting, placing your bets in over/under 2.25 goals can be an easy way to secure your returns. This is because you can have several winning outcomes in one bet. Half of this bet is decided on over 2 and the other half is decided on over 2.5. If the 2 goals are score, you lose half of the bet. If 3 or more goals are scored, you win the whole bet. This is one of the safe bets where punters do not have to lose their entire stake.

Over/Under 2.5

Over/under 2.5 betting is one of the simplest ways for punters to reduce the risk of losing and bet on secure results. Over/under 2.5 betting is straightforward since bettors are betting whether a football match will end with 3 or more goals, or 2 or less goals. An under 2.5 goals bet outcome can come in many forms, a barren draw, a one-all draw, 2-0 or a 1-0 victory for either team. Over 2.5 g bet needs at least 3 goals in the entire match, and requires no specific outcomes to win. Normally, goals scored during extra time or penalty shootouts are not counted.

Over/Under 2.75

When you are betting using over/under 2.75 goals market, your bet means that the total goals in that match will be more or less than 2.75. If your bet is under 2.75 and 4 or more goals are scored, your bet will be lost. The 0.75 margin is used to break the tie of exactly 2 or exactly 3 goals. In this market, your wager is divided into two bets. If 3 goals are scored in the match, you win half of your over 2.75 wager and the other half is used as push. You win the bet if over 3 goals are scored in you over 2.75 bet.

Over/Under 3

Over/under 3 goals bet is a market where the bookmaker uses 3 goals as the threshold, and punters have to predict an outcome of more or less than 3 goals. This market can be used in any sport that has a points tally such as American football. If you wish to bet with this market and you think the total goals scored will be 4 or higher, you should bet on over 3. However, if you think the goals will be 2 or less, you should place your bet on under 3.

Over/Under 3.25

The over/under 3.25 goals market does not focus on a win, lose, or draw situation in a match. If you feel that the game will be full of goals on either side, over 3.25 goals is a good betting option. If you are betting on a game where neither team has a chance of scoring, you should bet on under 3.25 goals. In this bet, 3 goals is the threshold which gives half win or lose if you choose an under or over bet. 4 or more goals will give a full win in over 3.25, and 2 or less goals give a win in under 3.25 bets.

Over/Under 3.5

Under/over 3.5 is one of the safe ways to bet when you think the game will not have many goals. Betting over the 3.5 line requires 4 goals or more and the odds are more lucrative than in the other total goals markets discussed. Punters who are not satisfied with the winnings of other half goal markets view this as a viable way to get winning bets that bring in huge amounts. Unlike the bets with a 0.75 margin, this bet is straightforward for many punters. However, you need to find high scoring teams if you want to place an over bet.

Are Over/Under Bets Available for Different Sports?

Punters who enjoy totals bets can bet in the most popular sports across the world. Some of the sports include:


Over/under bets are usually set at from over 0.5 and above depending on the nature of the match. Sometimes punters have the option to bet in multiple lines in a soccer match.


Hockey bets are similar to soccer and the lines are set at 6.5. Sometimes the goal total can be adjusted in certain games, but in most case the bookmakers adjust the odds instead.

American Football

NFL average for total goals is usually around mid-40s. You should pay close attention to the weather conditions and the defence (not just the attack) of the teams when selecting your bets here.

Conclusion on Over/Under Betting

Situational analysis and football betting tips are important when placing over/under bets. Analyse how the competing teams have been performing in such situations. When a certain team is the underdog on away matches, have they produced high or low scoring score lines? When they play inferior teams, do they run up the score or they just do enough to secure a win? Look further and check the league trends. Are games higher scoring at the beginning of the season or at the end?

Over/under betting is certainly one of the easiest bets since both teams help in securing your bet. Punters should start with this type of bet as they progress to other types of bets. One thing remains important; betting responsibly.

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