Sports Interview: Reflection Paper

Sports Interview: Reflection Paper

The interview with Frank Perez was a typical sports interview that proved to be a significant nutritional asset that would assist individuals in maintaining good health. The main point of the argument put forth by the interviewee was a good and healthy diet, characterized by a consistent exercise. Most importantly, the interviewee reported some of the feeding habits that should not be tolerated by human beings as they have negative impacts on people’s health. Meeting the required nutritional standards requires proper knowledge of the kind of food that is considered healthy and how they should be taken for the best results.

The first important factor suggested by Frank, which should be the pillar of good health among human beings is nutrition. The term nutrition may be comprehensive, but in simple terms, it refers to the act of consuming only healthy foods. A balanced diet is an example ofproper nutrition and should contain all the required nutrients in the correct proportions.On the other hand, maintaining appropriate nutritive value requires a person to avoid consuming junk food, which to the interviewee, he ceased using. He reported that junk foods are full of unhealthy calories responsible for obesity and other related diseases. Therefore, people should avoid eating junk foods as much as possible.

Another critical aspect put forth by the interviewee was the role of exercise in maintaining good health. For him, practice is a significant aspect to consider for general body fitness. Apparently, analyzing the purpose of acting on the human body reveals that it is clear that every human body is full of unhealthy calories that need to be eliminated. Elimination of these calories is only possible through carrying out regular exercises. Healthwise, when the excess calories are not properly metabolized in the body, they may cause health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Therefore, it is crucial to consider preventing such unhealthy conditions by maintaining a good diet and regular exercise.

One of the significant challenges faced by most individuals struggling to meet the threshold of ensuring a good diet is the unavailability of certain nutrient-rich foods such as green vegetables. Green vegetables, in some places, are seasonal foods that can only be found during some seasons. As a result, individuals find a tough time meeting their set goals towards meeting the nutritive requirements. On the other hand, maintaining between a good diet and regular exercise may also be a challenge to most people, especially the ones with jobs and families. However, it takes a real sacrifice to ensure good health, which is only achieved through proper nutrition and exercise.

Interpreting the general argument staged by the interviewee, human beings should have the kind of food that is healthy for their lives. Additionally, it is essential to avoid stress as this may trigger the need to consume junk foods. By definition, Frank defined junk food as any food low in nutrients and high in sugar and unwanted calories. Thus, every individual has the responsibility to avoid such foods as they only increase the build of excess sugar, fats, and calories in the human body.Instead, eating foods rich in proteins, vitamins, and mineral salts are preferable for maintaining good health.

Accurately, I would analyze and summarize the requirements for maintaining a healthy living standard as this is the main point brought about by the interviewee. Some of the benefits of maintaining a good diet and general body fitness include prevention of diseases, prevention of unnecessary joint pains, reduces the aging process, and get rid of the excess calories, stress, and fatigue.

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