Sqlmap Essay

The era of IT has exposed people and corporates to several threats. Any little leak of information can have severe repercussions to the stakeholders. Therefore, any platform needs to be secured from any unwarranted access by a third party entity. Databases have to be secured. Hence, there are some phenomena that have arisen that are linked to the protection mechanics. This paper talks about Sqlmap and how it is implemented in various forums. Issues that are related to cost and other dynamics will be discussed herein.

How Does it Work?

Sqlmap us a testing tool that is used in the automation of the process of exploiting and detecting SQL injection problems and taking over servers of databases. It has a powerful engine that aids in the detection. Additionally, it also has other” niche features that aid in the accomplishment of several activities” (Computerphile, 2013). A broad range of switches also exists to aid in several tasks.

Where do you get it?

Sqlmap can be bought online through existing avenues. There are Linux distribution avenues that aid in the access of several of the features that are needed in the protection of several avenues. People can access different commands that can help during the installation process. Installing git also helps in getting several versions of sqlmap through cloning. The clones can then be used in different avenues. For instance, installing the latest versions of sqlmap clones will lead to an automatic download of sqlmap files. This approach aids in the achievement of several projects. There are issues that need to be addressed before going through some of the steps that have been mentioned above because failure to do so may result into failed downloads in cases where an individual might be adopting this technique as an option. However, it is evident that people have to be extra careful on the approaches that they use during the downloading process since they can engage in a process that is potentially destructive.

How much does it cost? Who Developed it?

There are some sqlmap commands that might require a complicated version. Therefore, purchasing becomes inevitable in such a situation. Notably, the price will be dependent on the nature of the task that should be completed. In such a case, “some amount of money will be required depending on the whole process” (Imperva, 2009). However, being an open source tool, sqlmap can also be gotten without spending any cent: freely. This option might be helpful to people who might not have the amount of money required for the downloadable versions which require a number of steps.

Why do we need an automated tool for sql injection? Are there other tools like this available?

An automated tool is helpful because it provides seamless access to specific parts in a system. The analysis of any data becomes easier because an individual does not need to go through several steps. SQL injection requires a tool that would deliver without failure. Notably, “there are other alternatives that can be used such as nycto-dork, TheDoc, and JSQL Injection” (Udacity, 2016). These options have the ability to deliver similar results, but differently.


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