Starting My Own Business

Why do I want to start and build my own business?

My desire to start a business is driven by the urge to achieve financial success. Successful people we see today are the business people who have a mind open to new ideas in order to satisfy the large market as well as make profits. Another driver is the desire to be in charge. I want to start my own business because I want to be my own boss as well as be in charge of all operations taking place within the business all day. I want to make decisions regarding my business without following someone else’s command and pressure. Thus have the ability to determine the direction in which my business shall take after I have comfortably put all risks into consideration. In other words, working comfortably without pressure will be a suitable way of making concrete decisions regarding the business to ensure not only are customers satisfied, but I make a profit every day even if in low amounts. Despite this, I have always been afraid of those jobs where my earnings will be limited to the company’s predetermined wage scale. In this case, having my own business will imply that the money I earn from my business will always be determined by the efforts I injected as well as the business savvy. What I purpose to accomplish now is to create a market for my business by providing services that are of good quality. Over time, I plan to maintain customers that I have acquired through giving them offers and discounts on most of the foodstuffs as these are the people who will make my business prosper. In five or ten years to come, I plan to have my business moved to a level that will serve not only my country but other nations as well.

What ideas or concepts would I build my business around?

The concept to build my business around will be driven by the need for healthy fast foods in our country. Many atime when we walk around we see people grabbing a burger or any fast food yet unhealthy. This idea of fast food came from a friend who is entirely vegetarian. She lives a healthy life and has little worry regarding sickness that arises from eating an unbalanced diet. This idea will work in places where there are students and working people who have limited time to sit down and eat but prefers grabbing and going. My product will be fast food made of pure fresh green products that are health wise. The products will be unusual since most of the fast food centers do not value human health but only the profit they are to make. In this case, with the fact that my product is valuable for one’s health, it will be vital for people to come for my products.  Besides, most due to the busy life of the people, it is hard for them to get enough time to plan their healthy meals and hence, they end up taking whatever they get just to keep time and get to work on time. However, when I bring these healthy meals at their doorstep, those that have no time to cook or plan something healthy will have an opportunity to spend less but save his or her healthy. As much as my focus will be on making profit, I will still keep in mind that what I serve the people should be valuable and helpful in their lives.Furthermore, my green fast food will be sold at a very cheap price to ensure that all people afford it hence, creating a healthy nation.

How would this business make money?

Businesses make money through the selling of products or services to the customers. With this in mind, my business will thus have to bring profits on my way if I do what my competitors have not done. In this case, attracting customers. The famous saying goes, “No customers, no business.”  Therefore, one strategy of attracting customers will be through word of mouth. I personally will walk around educating individuals on the health impacts of eating healthy foods. Even though the current world we live in is filled with fast foods that favor one’s time, since it is grabbing and going, people ought to eat healthy even if in a hurry. In this same mission, I will walk around with free samples to give people. For instance, my fast food will entail, smoothies, salads full of ingredients that are direct from the farm, acai bowls, and even quinoa-kale salads. With my word of mouth, it will be easy to gain peoples’ trust hence they end up being my customers. Another strategy of attracting customers will be through selling discounted food as well as placing offers on a certain type of food. I will check on the price of other shops selling the same products like me, compare their prices and as a result put a discount on mine to pull more customers on my side. In addition to this discounted food, I will inform my customers that when they buy one plate of the kale salads, they get a glass of smoothie for free. This is brains, for I know people like cheap or free things. I believe by so doing, it will be easy to lure more customers on my side away from my competitors. When it comes to the quantity of my food, I will ensure that the amount I serve is larger than that of competitors. Consider the fact that, my competitors are serving their products in less amount as compared to mine, and again, at a higher price. It is obvious that people will walk my way to grab that which is enough and satisfying yet at an affordable price. In most cases, satisfying one customer is enough to bring many on one’s business. In this case, what am implying is that the few customers that will come to my business will be served to their satisfaction for I believe they will come back with friends and even families. Arguably, to ensure I make money every single day, I will hire atruck that will move around from one region to the other selling my fast food. My biggest target will be at the entrance of institutions and companies where I am sure I will get individuals who will be rushing to grab something during tea breaks or lunch breaks. With food at ones’ reach, even if one has not planned to eat, the mind will definitely switch, and hence I get money on my part.


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