Starting your business

I have an idea of establishing a small, fast food restaurant on my own where I have a legal entity to manage my business. This business idea is to provide local meals at sit down service at a low price. It will be focused on customer satisfaction and giving specific experiences for them. The restaurant will be located in the neighborhood. While researching the hospitability industry with the region, I have observed that the demand for fast food in the region is not fully met. Although there are other restaurants established in the region, my restaurant will be unique in both pricing and service delivery which will help achieve a competitive edge.

To establishing a fast food restaurant, various external factors influence and control its performance. Such factors are the economic factors that influence income flexibility. In an inflexible economy, customer’s income reduces, reducing the frequency of buying from the restaurant thus leading to profit loss in the business. Also, Social factors such as religion affect the kind of foods to sell in the restaurant. A Stable Political environment would positively influence the performance of the restaurant and vice versa. To help the business survive on issues concerning politics, the restaurant will comply with the legal requirement.

To establish a fast food restaurant capital, land and labor are the necessary factors of production required (Cohen-Cline et al., 2015). The land would be used to raise the structure; capital is essential for purchasing necessary resources while labor is the workforce required for this business idea to thrive, the existing economic system influences the location of establishing it. In other words, disparities in resource allocation influence where to locate the business. This calls for considerations of the existing economic systems whether socialism, capitalist or mixed economy before deciding on the location.

In establishing a fast food restaurant, the initial thoughts concerning demand and supply of fast food would be equal. This is due to the existence of ethical challenges with fast foods. Such ethical challenges are the health effects associated. The yummy food results in a lot of calories and fats in the body leading to overweight and obesity. Such health hazards result in more complications such as hypertension and diabetes (Schwartz et al., 2017). My business will ensure the provision of healthy foods with low-fat content. Food will be prepared at the highest level while at the same time ensuring that quality standards are met. My business will remain local since there are more challenges in the global market such as specific regulations and tax required, and my business being a small business may fail to meet the demands. Also, in the global market finances are needed as well as diverse cultures in the globe which I tend to think will negatively affect my business.

With all the consideration I believe that my restaurant will become a success within no time. Customers are the Herat of any business, and therefore, the management of the restaurant will ensure that service delivery is maintained at top notch.

As the owner of the business, I’m aware that it will not be easy to manage the resources, both human and physical necessary to run the restaurant. Besides, I’m aware that it is employees, as well as customers for any business, are tough, but as a manager and a visionary leader, there are some ways through which I will be able to implement skills of management. The first step will entail outlining and writing down the goals I want to achieve with the business. This will include both short and long term goals. The second step will involve determining the areas that require improvement. The last step will entail talking to the employee as well as engaging customers regularly. From the feedback, I obtain I will be able to know whether the skills of management are effective or not.

I will be the sole owner of the restaurant which means the management structure will follow that of a sole proprietorship- a flat management structure. There are many reasons for adopting this type of management structure. One is the aspect of decision making. As the sole proprietor, I will have complete control and decision making power over the employees. However, employees will be involved in the decision-making process. Employees will be given some degree of freedom with less supervision. Second, this structure involves a few formal business requirements.

The business will have two levels of management: top level, middle level, and low management level. At the top level, I will act as the chief executive officer. At this level, I will control the management of goals and policies. Control and control of all the activities will be carried at this level. Below, the CEO will be a manager in the middle level. The manager will carry out plans of the organization according to the directives made at the top level. Lastly, the low level involves a supervisor whose responsibility will be to train, supervise and direct the operative employees.

The management of the business will involve different areas of management. Finance, marketing, human resources, and operations are the critical area of management that will help to run the business effectively. Through marketing, the business will be able to have more customers. A vast customer base will help in increasing the revenue base. Finance will be of great importance in handling and prediction of cash flows. Human resources will be concerned with how employees of the business are handled. It will entail things to do with employee motivation and compensation. Lastly, the operations will focus on planning, organizing and supervising how services are provided with the restaurant.

In the management of a restaurant, the following types of management skills are required: technical, conceptual, and interpersonal skills. A manager in the hospitality management needs to be a good planner, possess great communication skills, and critical thinking skills. They also need to good at delegation and problem-solving. Another essential skill that is very critical in the hospitality industry is time management.

The restaurant will seek to achieve its goals while at the same time providing its new and established customers the satisfaction and motivation they deserve. The restaurant will offer its products at a price slightly lower than that of the competitors but within the market price. For the cafe to successful, it requires a strong customer base. This strong base can be obtained by giving the customers the quality products they deserve at an affordable cost (Armstrong et al. 2015). The low prices will act as an encouragement to the customers to eat at the cafe and at the same time make them loyal/repeat customers.

The decision-making process will be vertically integrated. As the owner – the sole proprietor, I will have complete control and decision making power over the subordinates. Decisions will always be made from the owner to the manager, then to the supervisor and then to the employees.



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