Stephen King on Writing

Stephen King on Writing


In life, many people have an agenda and targets that they want to achieve. There are those who want to be actors when others want to be writers. Different people have their opinions about becoming the best at what they do and try to promote their ideas. However, Stephen King has a different opinion about becoming an excellent person at whatever decision one makes. This is the major assumption that he has about writing that is based on his experience as a writer. The theory behind this belief is that practice and experience form the best writer even for average writers. At the same time, excellent writers can become average if they do not follow the basics that are required. According to Stephen King, people have to find a way to read as many books as possible before they can become excellent in their subjects. It is necessary to identify a niche and the audiences because of the complexity of the messages in writing.

Becoming a good writer involves numerous hours spent on reading and writing from an identified niche that the writer wants to concentrate on while also enjoying the work that they are doing.

How to become a good writer

There are several reasons why Stephen King believes in choosing a niche in writing. To make a good writer, one has to know the special phrases and words and the audiences that are being addressed. It is this reason why the author has reached his current position. Stephen King is known to be a famous writer who focuses on horror novels and horror motion pictures. Most often, he is known for protagonists especially on the work that involves motion drama. Most of the audiences of Stephen King are children and intellectual young adults that are finding themselves against official sinister figures. Some of the most known novels and motion pictures include a carrier, the shining, Salem’s lot among others. The meaning of these writings shows that there is a special intention and unidentified audience that is expected to receive the content. The main feature of kings work is the protagonist that is given there the power of a villain. It is a success that has made him one of the most recognized writers and a successful motion picture producer. Several specific pieces of evidence support the main argument of Stephen King about his theory and beliefs. Even though most of this evidence may not necessarily convince the reader, they have a solid backing that shows they have validity and authenticity. Stephen King recommends reading more than 100 books in a year especially for a writer who is focused on excellence. Without reading, the right may not successfully understand their market niche.

Support for reading an writing

The first evidence is where he states that “… If you want to be a writer you must do to things above all others: Read a lot and write a lot. There is no way around for these two things, and I’m not aware of no shortcut..” From this sentence, the whole belief of Stephen King on becoming a good writer is summarised especially considering the success that he has had on his story novels and motion pictures. As a successful writer, Stephen king relieves that it is easier for a faster reader to succeed in the market than a slow reader. This is because they’re likely to identify several ideas that can be combined with the speed of the reading.

Reading everywhere

Similarly, an aspiring writer has to write ideas so that they can examine them continuously. Continuous writing allows a writer to craft his or her messages for the readers especially for the writers who are getting into the fictitious world. Fiction writing is more captivating as it gives the writers the freedom to choose from the variety of subjects and the writer is not limited to reality. Just like the cinemas, crafting a book involves several attempts and numerous hours of editing to polish the work for appreciation from the audience. Stephen King states that he takes a book with him everywhere he goes, and a dips into it whenever he finds an opportunity. These practices teach a writer to read in small sips and allow them to follow the ideas before they decide on the next step. Even when people are at the theatre underlining in the checkout queues, it is best for a writer who took always carry the book. Well driving, king states that it is important to have an audiobook. Stephen King believes that reading during meals is considered rude within society. However, for an aspiring writer whose main aim is a success, rudeness is the last thing that should ring in his or her mind.


In conclusion, everyone has a goal in life that they want to achieve. This text by Stephen King on writing gives the writers a basic foundation on what they can focus on to become successful in their careers. Stephen king proposes continuous reading and writing and an identification of a market niche that can help the writer to focus his thoughts. Stephen king assumes that there is no way one can become a good writer without reading themselves. Reading habits that can help include always carrying a book when traveling and having an audiobook while driving. The target for a slow writer like Stephen kings his 100 books in one year. This is the bare minimum requirement for slow readers. These ideas can be backed up by the success that Stephen King himself has had considering that most of his work is known at international level including Salem’s lot, Carrie and the shining

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