Steps I Undertook When Quitting My Job

Just seven months ago, I decided to quit the job, which I had done for four years because it did not fit my career aspirations was working as an accountant but my aspirations were to be a professional financial analyst.  I wanted to create enough time to search for another job.  It was not a simple decision to make but I followed the following steps.

First, I wanted to leave with dignity and honor. I thus decided to take the moral ground high.  I did not speak ill of the company, my supervisor or co-workers. Negative comments always have a way of spreading to the unintended audience.  I was preventing a situation where such comments reach my supervisor. In addition, the future is not known and I wanted to leave the door open in case I decided to come back.

The next step was calculating the cost of leaving the job. Every job has advantages and disadvantages. Things might look better on the other side but there are bad things too. I endeavored to calculate the cost of leaving that job. I scrutinized my thoughts and looking at things from all angles calculating all the risks involved. The key was that I wanted to advance my career by being in a job that fitted my career.  It was significant for me to move forward to something else rather than move away from something.

Next, I gave the company a chance to address my issue. The company had a financial analysis department but I worked in the accounting department. I talked to my supervisor about being transferred to the financial analysis department. The supervisor assured me that he would address the issue with the human resource department in one week. I had high hopes that the issue will be sorted out. After two days, the supervisor told me that it was impossible for me to be transferred to the financial analysis department since there was no room for me at the time. He however assured me that if I stayed, a chance could rise up any time soon. I however decided I have to leave.

I then created a financial plan for three to eight months. I will be looking for a new job meaning I will have no income. Thus, I needed to plan for how to cover essentials such as rent, food, internet, health insurance, transportation and others. In addition, I was not sure how long it would take to get a new job so I planned for three to eight months.  I developed a budget, my savings were enough to cover me for six months, and so I decided to stick to my job for another two months to be able to save enough for eight months. There was also a chance that I could be transferred to the financial department in those two months. After one month, nothing encouraging was up in the company so I handled in my resignation letter to the supervisor.

Lastly, I made a plan on how to search for a new job. First, I could not use any company time or resources in the month I was still in employment to look for another job. Therefore, the planning was done in my free time. I thought about where I want to be in three years and wrote down my goals. I then started sending out applications using my personal email and free time. After one month, I left the job and endeavored in searching for a new job full time.

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