Still Stands the House: Hester’s Monologue

The icy wind of the northern blizzard sweeps through the half open door into the living room of the Warren house. Hester stands across the room with her eyes fixated on the portrait of her father as if to comfort herself with the thoughts of her father. The living room is filled with a cold breeze as if to communicate the solitude with which the house finally stands. Although the house braces the heavy blizzard outside; it seems to be giving in as Ruth has not closed the door on her way out. Outside, footsteps of Ruth can be heard from afar as she tries to keep up with the pace of her husband, Bruce Warren. Hester seems to have finally realized that the door is open and rushes to close the door immediately.

HESTER. This house will not be sold: At least not when I am alive! If anyone has a problem with this

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