Strategic Advantages

Generally, one of the key benefits of the IT governance plan is that it allows change in First Air Force. There are a lot of changes that happen to the business environment due to advancement in technology and other factors. Therefore, it is important that organizations change too to adopt the new technologies as well as the changing preferences of their customers. Employees are one of the groups in an organization that have the most significant influence on changes happening (Ibtihal, Driss, and Hassan, 2017). In First Air Force, employees are generally not open to change which slows down any developments in the organization. However, with the IT governance plan, the openness to change will improve as identifies and tries to solve any issues hindering the change management process.

The IT governance plan will also improve their security system while exchanging various resources as part of its mandate. However, currently, the organization is not able to perform its duties and responsibilities because of the system security involved (Parnellet al., 2015). Another advantage is that the organization will now be able to offer prompt technical support as right now there are delays due to interdependencies in the collaborative service being use and limitations when accessing data in the organization’s portal.

Finally, the company will have to shift from using the old external SharePoint serve to a new one or a virtual in-house Office 365 when using the IT governance plan. Such a move will help in reducing the overreliance First Air Force has on external servers (Baugh, Castelle & Bradley, 2015). The problem with an organization relying on external servers is that they not only erratic but also insecure. Therefore, the plan will help in installation of a new SharePoint which will, in turn, reduce operational costs.



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