Strategic Investment Plan for Improved Service Delivery

Strategic Investment Plan for Improved Service Delivery


To: Ministry of Crabs (s.m.e)

From: Internal Analyst

Date: 18th February 2019

RE: Strategic Investment Plan for Improved Service Delivery


The present proposal aims to provide a concise, strategic and logistic-based investment plan for the Ministry of Crabs to improve on customer loyalty and revenue allocation increase. The project seeks to ensure that the business invests in the right technology for food preparation which will expand the capacity of the company to meet increased demand from local customers.


The proposed project has been given the name “Expansion Project.” The reason is that the business is currently facing issues regarding meeting the growing demand for its products due to the ever-increasing clientele and patronage. The company has grown based on its reputation for creating the best crab-based delicacies that are intercontinental in China town. The company, Ministry of Crabs, stated in 1989, in a small business shack from which, currently, has grown due to its high sort after menu. Various offers have been presented on ways to expand the business to meet the demand, and this project hopes to solve the problem. In the past, the company serviced nearly 1, 000 customers per day every ten operational hours. However, with the improvement of the menu, the popularity of the business has augmented, and this has required the business owners to seize the opportunity to expand operational capacity.

The following proposal seeks to provide a detailed strategic plan of how the ‘expansion project’ will be handled, personnel involved and the capital needed. The proposal estimates that the project will take at least three months to be executed due to the complexity of equipment and professional hiring that is needed. The initial phase of the project entails closed-door meeting with the stakeholders of the business to discuss the essentials of the ‘expansion project.’ Subsequent factors include discussion of the equipment that is needed and the options that are available. For instance, this may entail the relocation of the business to another location or opening up of subsidiary food chain stores. This will culminate with a closed-door meeting with the strategic suppliers of the equipment to determine which is the best based on quality and low-cost operations options.

Mac Castle presents the proposal, I am a business strategist with over ten years of experience in handling small and medium enterprises as well as the expansion of the business. I have worked with restaurants such as Big Mac, U. K’s Fish and Chips, Slots and Upgrades and Taiwanese restaurant. So far, the businesses I have handled have appreciated in revenue realizing a profit margin of close to $ 500, 000 in the last year. My background is in entrepreneurship and business administration with a Business degree from Princeton University in America.

The proposal hopes to ensure that the business meets the quality of services and foods provided by the restaurant while expanding to meet the demands. Specifically, the project wishes to improve the adoption of innovative technology which will boost the operational quality of the business while ensuring low-cost investment to maximize profits.


The research proposal presents a defined, sophisticated and innovative manner of improving the undertakings of the business. According to a review by Forbes Magazine, Daykin (2018) suggested that growing and expansion of any business is pivotal to ensuring the success and the increased market penetration capabilities. To this end, there are four strategies that a company, regardless of the size should adhere to including market penetration, selling improved products to existing customers, finding new customers and widening the range of existing products in the market. For the current business, it is pivotal to sell products to new and existing customers (Daykin, 2018).

Regarding the sale of products to existing and new customers, issues of meeting demand with correlated supply can be difficult. The difficulty arises when the business is not able to source for the raw materials needed which solely lies on the competence of the suppliers and availability of the resources. In this case, the business’ produce relies on sea-food suppliers who can be unpredictable. There are issues of maritime laws and food laws in America which play a critical factor in the success of the business. As such, there is a need to handle the elements critically to ensure a smooth sail through to the aspects.

Therefore, there are several factors to be considered under the “expansion project” and these range from:

  1. What is the available innovative technology in food production for seafood?
  2. Is the innovation specific or does it require manufacturer specifications from the buyer?
  3. What is the cost-benefit analysis of innovative technology?
  4. Is the supplier market available all year round and at what cost?
  5. Does the business have the storage capacity for the product?
  6. Is the staff competent to handle the growing number of customers?
  7. Should there be training for the staff including chefs when handling the food and technology?
  8. Should the business set up subsidiary food chain stores and what is the cost-benefit ratio?

The feasibility of the proposed project is that the business’ cost-benefit is definite meaning the company will enjoy expansivity and high-profit mark-ups (Rogers, 2016). This is guaranteed since the business already has a growing customer base both existing and new customers.

The following is an advanced organizer which shall be used as a reminder for the timeline of the project guidelines.

Task Timeline Aim
Project proposal One month To investigate the problem affected by the business and come up with the draft proposal of the solution.
Project approval Two weeks The business owners are presented with the proposal, any issues are handled at this point and permission is given in case of no irregularity.
Equipment purchase One week The required equipment is researched and if one is found then the investment is to be done as well.
Training of personnel One week The staff is to be trained on how to use the equipment effectively.
Business analysis One week The cost-benefit of investing in the business is done to determine whether the company is set to achieve a profit or not
Irregularities One month Any issue raised throughout the process is to be handled with a professional aspect to limit any losses.
Expansion One month Analysis of whether the business should expand is to provide at this stage. The business owners are to determine whether the company can grow or not.

Figure 1: A table representing the tasks to be handled in the project.

Proposed Tasks

  1. Secondary Research

The intended task is to provide sufficient information about the project. The report shall be derived from secondary sources that span from peer-reviewed journal to peer-reviewed articles. These are three peer-reviewed sources which explain the expansion and growth of a business.

These include:

Daykin, J. (2018). Growing and Expanding Your Business. Forbes Magazine. Retrieved from

Rogers, D. L. (2016). The digital transformation playbook: rethink your business for the digital age. Columbia University Press.

Pizam, A., Shapoval, V., & Ellis, T. (2016). Customer satisfaction and its measurement in hospitality enterprises: a revisit and update. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management28(1), 2-35.

  1. Last Task

The recommendation report will encompass the strategic investment plan that the business is to undertake when handling its expansion plan. This will include a detailed explanation of the purpose, scope, organization of the recommendation report.

  1. Project Execution

The project execution shall take more than three months regarding the dynamics of the aspects being handled. These entail the implementation of the project including purchase of the equipment, training of employees to meet the standards of services as well as improvement on customer satisfaction for the business.


Figure 2: A graphical representation of the tasks to be carried out in the recommendation report.


My credentials so far, allow me to internalize the duties that will be delegated to each stakeholder. The credentials entail project management and business administration which safeguard the project’s integrity and entity in ensuring that the business gains more in its investment plan.



Daykin, J. (2018). Growing and Expanding Your Business. Forbes Magazine. Retrieved from

Rogers, D. L. (2016). The digital transformation playbook: rethink your business for the digital age. Columbia University Press.

Pizam, A., Shapoval, V., & Ellis, T. (2016). Customer satisfaction and its measurement in hospitality enterprises: a revisit and update. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management28(1), 2-35.

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