Strategic management discussion post

Strategic management discussion post

It is important to know that every organization has different but unique strategic management patterns (Radcliffe, 2018). However, the strategic plans implemented in the organization must receive an endorsement from the executive directors or even the board of management who are the representative of the business (Radcliffe, 2018). The decisions and objectives of the organization are usually passed to the management through the directors, departmental managers and finally to the employees to undertake the results. The strategic management enables the employees to understand better what is expected from them especially in line with the organization’s long-term plans (Radcliffe, 2018). For instance, the organization where I work to implement its strategic management plan by ensuring that the employees are appropriately engaged in the undertakings of the organization right from the onset of the strategic planning process. It is an important aspect that enables the employees to feel that they are valued and respected by the organization.

The employee’s rewards, as well as performance evaluations, are adequately aligned to the organization strategic plan and processes (Statistic, 2019). The human resource management regularly works with the employees as a way of making sure that the organizational goals and objectives are re-evaluated together with the employee’s career development goals. The organization relies on the valuable human capital obtained through a competitive and rigorous recruitment process (Statistic, 2019). The ability of the organization to provide incentives and rewards to the employees contributes to the productivity of the organization. It is also important to recognize that the organization has a well-designed mission plan that informs all process of the strategic planning process. The diversification systems of the organization in many sectors also contribute to the organization’s profitability in the market. The ability of the organization to operate by transparency also brings more success. A proper organizational structure also influences the strategic planning process. For instance, good structures enable the leaders to set goals based on the mission and vision of the organization. A good structure in an organization also enables human resource management to drive the organization to its set goals.




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