The Struggles of Traditional Journalism in the Modern Era

The advent of digital technology and the internet has brought about various changes in the journalism field. Journalism became more popular in the 1940s when radio was regarded as the most dominant medium for dissemination and reporting of news. This format of reporting became more popular during the WWII due to the live broadcasts that updated people on the unfolding stories. Television came to dominate after this era. Radio and television were deemed to create relatively quick updates compared to the print media. They also made it possible for the globalization of media coverage.

However, things have changed in the modern era. Several alternatives have come out, and this has shifted the consumption focus. Most people are obtaining their information from blogs, Twitter and Facebook among other social media platforms. At some point, you will people argue that they do not need to watch the news while they have Twitter. There is the assumption among some people that the important issues going around the country will “trend” as and when they happen. In case, a certain event or issue does not “trend” it is not regarded as being that important, so people do not feel as if they are being left out.

Another issue that is making traditional journalism struggle is the perception that people have about it. Most consumers do not view it as being populist. They think that there is some bias involved in

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