Student Motivation and Technology

Student Motivation and Technology

The integration of technology supports the student’s interest, engagement and motivation in learning. However, Nichole Dalesio a fifth-grade teacher uses free online resources to keep her class motivated. The teacher encourages the students to use the technological tools provided to create various multimedia presentations and projects. The subject thought is digital art and some of the presentations and projects include doing a movie project; create a poem and a math tutorial. Therefore, to access Mrs. Dalesio video you can use the following link The heading of the above video is Free Online Resources Engage Elementary Kids (Tech2Learn Series).

In this video, the educator (Nichole Dalesio) makes use of the free web or cloud-based applications to teach the students. The students use the free software on their computers to perform digital arts such as Psy ko paint and sumo paint. Moreover, the students use the digital applications to draw/ sketch, paint or edit photos. Similarly, the students made use of applications called iLife, iMovie and iPhoto for photos and video editing (Free Online Resources Engage Elementary Kids (Tech2Learn Series), n.d). Also, the teacher asked the students to use iTunes to record audio and create music. In the video, the technology has supported student’s motivation in the following ways. The teacher provided the students with a task, and they had various options to choose. The students were asked to use the software to do a movie project or create a tutorial to explain a math concept. Also, they had an option of creating a personal narrative under 90 second or make a story using their pictures from childhood under 3 minutes.

The students become engaged or active when learning is relevant to them. Therefore, the teacher should increase students’ access to the learning tools, resources and information. The action will draw the students deeper into the learning process. In this video, the teacher ensured that the students get access to the various applications and software such as iLife, Psy ko paint, iTunes and iPhotos so that they can create things. Similarly, the teacher created an environment where the students can collaborate with one another. The technology has encouraged students to participate, share and collaborate among themselves.

The use of technology has outweighed some of the potential challenges the educators might face in acquiring and implementing it. Both the teachers and students gain a lot from using technology, and it has motivated them psychologically. Similarly, the educators use technology for their own development. The learning institutions have provided teachers with access to sufficient types and quantity of technology. Besides, they have been provided with ample technological support and time to integrate the technology.

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