Study Plan – LD

My Background / Personality

Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to have the chance to travel the world and to reside in several countries. Being exposed to different cultures and different people through travelling and living abroad, I’ve learned to be more open-minded, to be more tolerant, and to respect people regardless of differences.

Being born and raised in Malaysia, a melting pot of various ethnicities and religions, I was encouraged to socialise with friends who came from different faiths, backgrounds and cultures. Through friends of different backgrounds, I was able to learn new languages, discover new cultures, and develop a sense of respect and admiration for cultures that are foreign to me. The lessons I’ve learned through my childhood allowed me to adapt to new environments quickly.

Responsible, committed, and hungry to learn would be the words to describe me as a person. I enjoy new challenges that push me beyond my comfort zone, and I believe that I am well prepared to deal with such difficulties, using skills that I have acquired and also learning new knowledge in areas that are lacking.

Study Plan in China

I want to take my master’s program in China for many reasons. First for the past few years, China economy has been doing quite well. The country has been increasing and is now competing with the United States. With the robust economy in the state offers a chance for the development of both local and international business. Therefore, studying in this country would provide a better opportunity to experience the robust culture business opportunities that exist in the region.

I would like to have the chance of gaining a deeper level of knowledge and to learn from industry professionals so I could equip myself to face the fast pace, ever-changing economies of different parts of the world. On top of that, this program would provide me with the opportunity to learn, and to expand my horizons.

As earlier mentioned the robust economy of the country offers a chance for start-ups and even non-profit organisation.  Studying in this region will give an opportunity to interact with the professionals, and also the learn more about the business environment in the area. The most important focus that leads me to seek to study in this region is that I would like to understand the reasons that there are several start-ups in the country. I would like to understand the uniqueness of the business environment in China and how it is providing ground for many start-ups.  Besides, I will get a chance to put into practice the skills that I have learned from the class. Lastly, during the time of my studies, I will explore subjects that have a link to any facet of Business Administration.

After completing the master’s programme, I know that I would be better equipped to manage and guide my organisation in the right direction. I would also like to be a mentor and share my knowledge with the people that I get to meet and interact along the way.

I expect that after my completion of the Master’s Degree in China, I would be better equipped to deal with changing business environments. The robust business environment in the country will give me a chance to experience the diversity in the culture and even work ethics of the country, and with these skills, I will be able to work in the different business environment.  Besides, the ability to deal with different people, I will have the skills necessary to deal with all kinds of different business systems and demands.

Reason to Study in China

“Why China?” that’s the question I would get when friends or relatives find out that I want to further my studies in China. I was captivated by China’s ability to grow so fast in such a short period. From being ranked as the 2nd largest economy in the world to holding the title of the world’s largest exporter of goods, China was able to attract foreign investors from all over the world.

After intensive research about China and the high level of education available, I firmly believe that I have made the right decision in furthering my studies in China.

As a Malaysian Chinese, Mandarin has become an essential language in our daily life and plays a critical role in multinational companies. Although my Mandarin level is proficient, living in China help me improve my Mandarin skills to the point where I could converse and write for business purposes.

In conclusion, I think China is the best place that I can do my Master’s program. I would love to get a chance to have an experience of this great country, Interact with the great people of China and also learn some of the best business skills. I hope that my application will be able to receive your consideration and I will be willing to provide any additional information required for the completion of the application.