Successful Social Relations

From the clip and concerning Bandura’s social learning theory, I have learned that children learn their behavior from adult people in the environment. Regarding aggression, it is no basically telling children not to have aggressive behavior or informing them to be peaceful, but to let the children observe adults behaving peacefully. Children after witnessing will mimic peaceful behavior and then act calmly. Therefore, children will model their general behavior after seeing adults behaving a certain way. Other factors that influence children’s aggressive behavior is genetics as well as viewing bold movies, shows, and games.

Reading about poor behavior and changing it to affirmative action in the cases will get me to act in the same way as the story praising honesty to a great extent. By praising honesty and the positive outcomes rather than emphasizing on the negative consequences of bad behavior is the key to promoting moral conduct. Therefore, reading an honest story that praises honesty is effective in getting me to act morally than a story based on the adverse outcomes of weak characters.

A few weeks ago, I promised to take part in the volunteer cleaning activity in our community’s social gathering hall every evening for one month. I failed to honor my promise as I was ever late from work and I attended at most three days a whole month. It was an unethical act because in the first place no one forced me to volunteer and promise to avail myself in time. Most of the days during this time, I felt I was late and of course too tired to do an unpaid job. I think, I had been initially excessively optimistic and hence the reason for the intention action-gap. Maybe I should have opted for the volunteer clean-up during weekends.



Gow, A. J., Pattie, A., Whiteman, M. C., Whalley, L. J., & Deary, I. J. (2007). Social support and successful aging: Investigating the relationships between lifetime cognitive change and life satisfaction. Journal of Individual Differences, 28(3), 103-115.

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