Suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thoughts entail the mentality developed by individuals to think about committing suicide. Suicide should be treated as a matter of agency as it is rampant to the youth. Suicidal thought is predominantly reported when people experience depression. Although not all people who might have suicidal thoughts, commit it as they but there are those who have tried committing suicide and it failed for one reason or another. Other causes of suicidal thoughts range from high levels of anxiety especially students regarding their performance in school and pressure from home, disorders in eating habits and drug and substances abuse. Moreover, I have witnessed many people also committing suicide due to family matters especially on the inheritance of family property. This pressures and individual into committing suicide without a cause.

Therapists have to work with suicidal clients carefully. Some questions by therapists to the suicidal clients may depress the mental capacity of the clients more and increase their suicidal thoughts. Therefore, it is advisable to use valuable diagnostic information to assess the suicidal client. Evaluate the clients without showing care will affect their views and this will increase their degree of wanting to commit suicide. In the case study in the suicidal thought, in the case Bellah c. Greenson, an adolescent girl’s parent sued a therapist for negligence (Shea, 2016). This is because they argue that their daughter was not given the ultimate care when assessing in the treatment facility. It was upon Dr.Greenson to inform her parents of the high risky traits of their daughter and show sign s of care and compassion to the suicidal client.



Shea, S. C. (2016). Psychiatric Interviewing: The Art of Understanding: A Practical Guide for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Nurses, and Other Mental Health Professionals, with online video modules. Elsevier Health Sciences.

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