Suits Series TV, Mario Kart, and Video Shooting Games

Suits Series TV, Mario Kart, and Video Shooting Games

Part one

Suits series TV is an American play of series on television that was first introduced by Aaron Korsh. TV suit ensures that it has at least involved woman to present those series to the audience. It tries to balance by including both men and women when presenting the series. It shows the signs of loyalty because they are loyal to all the people and when doing work in the field no one is discriminated. Among the cultural aspects that were available in the movie include Directing, cinematography, sound, editing, and acting. Generally, the suits series has ten episodes, but currently, the actual films are 8 in number.

Part two

The feature that makes Mario Kart be unique includes: Series are in the form of videos. The fact that the racing of the Mario Kart is done through the video game that is enough reason as to why it has been existing as well as being enjoyable for many years. Second, it has many different series. Since the series are of various kinds, there is no limit on which to use in performing the video game, and so making individuals want to know about every series which as a result it makes it exist for a long while people still having fun when using.

Part three

Using the game of video shooting I don’t see it as necessary because it can lead to the addition of games, it makes individual using develop negative attitudes of practicing the same in real life( Cooper, Jonathan).In my opinion, the gun shooting games in most cases are the one that contributes to the practice of violence using a gun. In most cases, individuals want to practice in real life hence causing a disturbance because of shooting innocent people.




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