A Summary of an Article on the Works of Art

  1. Provide the citation for the assigned article, following the format:

Doherty, Brigit. 2003. “The work of art and the problem of politics in Berlin Dada.” October, No. 105: 73-92.

  1. Provide an Abstract of 120 – 200 words:

Brigit Doherty seeks to explain Der Kunstlump, a criticism written by George Grosz and John Heartfield in response to the measures to preserve the cultural heritage due to the civic unrest. In his appeal statement, Oskar Kokoschka requested those engaging in political conflicts to preserve works of art. The author provides us with an appealing imagination when describing the 1920 montage-painting by Otto Dix, a Dresden-based artist and a partner to the Berlin Dadaists. The artwork is a painting of the exact piece of the plea published by Kokoschka lying beside the war veteran. Brigit Doherty uses information from the published articles, pamphlets, archival sources and various literature to illustrate the effort by Kokoschka to protect the works of art. Similarly, the author uses archival sources to explain the responsibilities of individuals regarding the proletarian and bourgeois society. In this context, the objective of the author is to describe the unresolved political issue in Berlin Dada. The author illustrates the danger of exemplifying politics in works of art.


III.     Formulate an “essential questions” in response to this article. 

How do bourgeois and proletarian society influence works of art?

  1. Notes – they can be citations, paraphrasing from the article that you found important or relevant.

Regarding the article, the thing I found interesting concerned the action taken by the Expressionist painter and playwright, Oskar Kokoschka to request the German public to ensure that they preserve the cultural heritage during the period of civic unrest. According to Kokoschka, people engaging in political conflicts should perform their street fighting in places that they cannot pose a danger to the human culture.

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