A Summary of the Model of Christian Charity

A Summary of the Model of Christian Charity

God has shown his wisdom through his providence to human beings. He has made us attain different status in the society, yet we are the same species. There is no one time when you will find everyone in the society being rich. There are those that have been blessed with the wealth while at the same time there those that come out as being poor. Some people are also deemed to be more powerful than others. Simply put, when some people are on one side, there are others who are quite the opposite of that.

This occurrence has happened for a variety of reasons. For starters, this is a way for God to showcase His power since He orders things to be different. It is meant to glorify His greatness and also shows a preservation of the good things. This is through His dispensation of His gifts to humanity.

God also uses this approach to manifest the work of His spirit. This ensures that despite the differences that have been established, people co-exist without any of them seeming to have total control of the other. There is always an aspect of moderation in people’s actions. You will not see the poor rise against their superiors. At the same time, the mighty and rich individuals should not eat up the poor.

The third reason behind the difference is for every individual to remain in need of the other. This means that human beings live as brothers. None of them is more honorable compared to the other. Everything good comes from God. Therefore, as he makes some people rich, there are other things that the poor people are given and the rich tend to lack. This creates a balance in life where we have to depend on each other to compliment our lives.

There is a rule that requires us to walk towards each other. This is the equivalent of justice and mercy. There is time when there is need to do justice to the poor and show mercy towards the rich. Through the law of the Gospel or the law of grace, God expects us to love each other. This means having the ability to help each other in times of need. As individuals, we should at all times do to people what we would want them to do unto us. This ensures that we always act in good faith while dealing with others.

The law of the Gospel requires us to love our neighbors the same way we love ourselves. These actions should be distributed towards all individuals without minding their status in the society. This includes even the people that we consider to be our enemies. There is a command that in times of hunger we should feed our enemies, love them and do good to them. The law also advances that Christians should sell whatever they have to provide to the poor. More effort is supposed to be placed in this quest whereby people have to go beyond their abilities.

This is more of a covenant that is created between God and human beings. If we fail to observe the prescribed articles, we are liable to prosecution. He will us make understand the price of breaching the covenant. To avoid the shipwreck, we can follow Micah’s counsel of showing mercy, doing justly and walking humbly with God. If we keep the bond of peace and unity, the Lord will always dwell in us and command blessings upon us. But if we go against His commands, we stand liable to face his furry, which amounts to leading a life of hardships.


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