A Summary of the Model of Christian Charity

A Summary of the Model of Christian Charity

God has shown his wisdom through his providence to human beings. He has made us attain different status in the society, yet we are the same species. There is no one time when you will find everyone in the society being rich. There are those that have been blessed with the wealth while at the same time there those that come out as being poor. Some people are also deemed to be more powerful than others. Simply put, when some people are on one side, there are others who are quite the opposite of that.

This occurrence has happened for a variety of reasons. For starters, this is a way for God to showcase His power since He orders things to be different. It is meant to glorify His greatness and also shows a preservation of the good things. This is through His dispensation of His gifts to humanity.

God also uses this approach to manifest the work of His spirit. This ensures that despite the difference

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