In their daily lives, individuals often marvel at the attitudes and behaviors of superheroes. If we can closely look, we can understand, explain and predict many exciting facts about the creators of these superheroes. The enjoyment is no different, and individuals can consider personal; characteristics based on the superheroes admired. This paper, therefore, theorizes on Yoda, a hero from the Marvel classics.

Character and background of Yoda; he is a fictional character that first appeared in the 1980 film, “The empire strikes back” as an eccentric hermit, a great teacher with extensive knowledge of the force. In the prequel trilogy, Yoda was established as one of the most powerful Jedi masters in the history and a leader of Jedi order.  Yoda, in the Original Film, helps Luke Skywalker in battling the “Galactic Empire.” Here, he provided training that would help Luke fight the opponents. In the prequel films, he served as a high ranking general and grand master of the Jedi order in the clone wars. In the Star Wars franchise in canon, Yoda was the oldest living character before his death in “The return of Jedi” at the age of 900 years. This was until the film “The force awakens” where the Maz Kanata was introduced.

Yoda behavior; he is an Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging (INFJ). Yoda is most energized by time; this means that he is introverted. He is an individual who focuses on concepts and ideas rather than details and facts; in short, he is intuitive. From the film, every choice that Yoda makes is mainly based on feeling and values (Butt, 2005). In everything that he does, he prefers proper planning and organizing rather than being flexible and spontaneous in his decision. Yoda, therefore, bears the behavior of counselor personalities. All the INFJs have a strong sense of personal integrity, and they always drive other people into realizing their potential. In Marvel Comics, Yoda significantly shows this character; he is always creative and dedicated to providing solutions to personal challenges.

The theory that can best explain the behavior of Yoda from the Marvel Classics is a rational choice theory; this is an economic principle which assumes that people makes logical and prudent decisions which can provide the highest satisfaction (Siegel, 2018). Yoda in the film as shown in the link, and always make a prudent and logical decision before coming to any conclusion. In everything that he does, he doesn’t go senile, and he shows great humility, generosity, patience, and wisdom. He first plays the beggar role after meeting Luke to see his reaction after meeting an individual who seems to be nothing but an obstacle. He also establishes himself as a teacher because by doing this, Luke will feel like an idiot after failing Yoda tests. Acting this way in a film shows great wisdom in choosing because it better points out Luke inability to see.

The opposing theory to Yoda behavior is victim precipitation theory; this is a theory that shows an individual acting as an aggressor in the action that leads to his harm or loss (Siegel, 2018). The approach mainly focuses its attention on the victim and the offender of the action. This theory cannot be used to adequately explain the behavior of Yoda because there is no time that Yoda fall a victim of circumstance. Every time he makes decisions, he always emerges victorious.






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