Supervisor Motivation

Supervisors have a role in the general motivation of the officers under them. The personality of a supervisor immensely affects how they lead their lives, and how the officers under them react. A case study of two supervisors entails one who is accommodative, reasonable and clearheaded, making decisions out of concrete evidence of the current issues. A second case is a supervisor who rules with an iron fist and working to show how the officers are below them. Their position is a front to control others.

Supervisors who work hard to ensure the growth of their team members achieve the desired results more efficiently. Over my life, I have had supervisors who inspire through sound leadership. They allow their juniors to innovate under the requisite standards, and thus create a team of self-dependent people who will gladly work with each other. These leaders understand that leadership is not about controlling other people but is about leading them to explore their strengths and achieve organizational growth and sustenance. Leaders who listen to the challenges facing their juniors have higher chances of leading them to success. The juniors know that relative success is about working hard to allow for the accomplishment of the preset goals. These supervisors innovate and motivate in various ways, and in areas where there are a lot of uncertainties, they can effectively lead their teams. Diversity in the team is an added benefit rather than an impediment and an opportunity to ridicule.

Supervisors who provide leadership through motivation and innovation rather than degradation achieve an increased level of understanding with their teams. Personal experiences point to increased work output and the ability to balance between the various aspects involved in the management of their juniors.