Surveillance Article Assessment

The primary purpose of the article is surveillance. It focuses on employee surveillance and its effects on employee performance. Also, the article looks at the legality of the practice and the psychological consequences of the method on the employees.  Additionally, the article discusses the reasons for surveillance apart from ensuring punctuality, preventing fraud, and safety.

The article provides a historical overview of the introduction of surveillance techniques in the workplace, from ranging from the use of Clocking cards to monitor employee attendance to CCTV cameras. Researchers identified that about 90% of employees resent being watched, let alone wearing badges. Also, the article has discussed the controversy surrounding surveillance in the workplace. Besides, the article looks at the pressured environment under which the employees being monitored work.

Some of the ideas discussed in our textbook include employee retention, identifying an individual’s potential and place in an organization. It addresses the need to handle biometric data carefully to avoid invading their privacy. For instance, the CCTV cameras have been enabled to identify the personal data of an employee having all the data of an employee or listening in to their conversations or emails and texts. Both the article and the textbook bring to light the fact that most employers do not disclose the fact that they use surveillance cameras on their workers, and they can use this to fire the unsuspecting workers. The critical issue that arises from both the article and the textbook is the fact that surveillance in the workplace is not identified as either being legal or illegal by the law.

This article makes me think about the advantages and disadvantages of some forms of technology and the extent to which they have invaded our privacy. From the piece, surveillance has made employee performance in many organizations better but at the price of people’s privacy. Although monitoring is a welcome move, it has to be carried out professionally to prevent the employers from knowing personal details and use them to intimidate the employees.


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