Survey of Marketing

There are several ways that marketing of a product or service can be done. One of these ways is advertising. The main aim of advertising is to introduce a product to a market and create awareness. It is also aimed at creating sales for a product by informing the public about the benefits of a product and allowing them to make their decisions. However, there have been arguments that advertising is deceptive, manipulative, and unethical. This paper, therefore, intends on looking at several pieces of evidence to validate these assertions.

Even though several regulatory bodies ensure that advertising is done in a manner that is ethical, non-deceptive and not manipulative, there have been several cases where advertisements have been found to violate these regulations. For instance, The New York Times was accused of manipulation when they used images of Syrian refugees to advertise their newspapers. This paper aimed at triggering an emotional response from their readers and attracts them to want to know what was happening about the refugee crisis in Syria (Tytyk, 2018). This has converted the readers making them behave like robots (Solomon, Marshall & Stuart, 2018).

There are also cases where advertising is used to deceive customers to buy certain products. This is done through a false representation of the products and thus giving the consumers a different image of what the product can do. Despite the regulations that have been put in place to control such deception, consumers still fall victim to cases of false advertising (Tytyk, 2018).

This paper has therefore shown how advertising has been used by companies to deceive, manipulate or use wrong ways to ensure that their products are sold or the consumers get to learn about it.

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